Dorinda Medley’s House in The Berkshires: See Where She Calls Home

Dorinda Medley

Getty Dorinda Medley in 2018

Every year on The Real Housewives of New York, the ladies take a special trip to Dorinda Medley’s home in the Berkshires, Massachusetts…or as the cast likes to call it, “The Bezerkshires.” Medley’s home is called The Blue Stone Manor, and it has served as the spot for some of the most memorable Real Housewives of New York episodes.

According to People, Medley’s late husband, Richard Medley, purchased the home for her in 2005 as a surprise wedding present. In an April 2020 interview with Architectural DigestMedley revealed that the home is over 11,000 square feet, and has seven bedrooms (the perfect size to fit the RHONY cast!) The home was built in 1902, but Medley has renovated some parts of the space, like the kitchen, for example. In the photos shown in Architectural Digest, Medley’s furniture is bright, colorful, and full of life. Her home features various prints and textures, including a purple velvet couch and matching patterned curtains.

“The house, you have to love it,” Medley said to Architectural Digest“If you’re not in love with this house and you’re not in love with the Berkshires, then it’s a lot.”

Medley also added, “This house is alive, this house talks to you.”

Medley Loves Her Blue Stone Manor Kitchen

Medley really seems to love the kitchen in her home, as she has displayed on her social media, including her YouTube channel, where she likes to share videos of herself cooking. Medley recently renovated her kitchen, telling Architectural Digest, “I didn’t want a delicate kitchen, I wanted something right out of Beauty and the Beast, someplace you could bring a dead animal and chop it up.”

In a May 2020 video with Bravo, Medley gave a tour of her kitchen. Medley showed off her coffee station, which featured homemade cakes and pastries made by her mother. Medley also boasted two refrigerators, one for beverages, and one for food.

“My second refrigerator is mainly beverages,” Medley shared in the video, “I always love a well-stocked beverage refrigerator. I don’t know, I just think it’s very luxurious when you have all kinds of liquids, don’t you?”

Medley also added, “I like everyone to have a bounty of choices when they come to my home.”

Medley’s Home Recently Flooded

As we know from this season of Real Housewives of New York, Medley’s Berkshires home recently flooded. According to Bravo, the damages cost $1M.

“In January of last year, I was actually at Andy Cohen’s baby shower. I left the baby shower and when I landed in L.A. … I got a call from my mother crying and saying, ‘You’re never going to believe it. There’s water everywhere in your house.'” Medley said to

Medley shared with Bravo that there was over seven feet of water and that a “cold spell” had broken the pipes above her heating system. “It was like, oh my god. The house literally was crystallized because all the water had gone through the walls and stuff. The heat went off and there was no light, no electricity.” Medley said.

However, there was some sort of silver lining to the ordeal.  “I would work all day in the house in a snowsuit. I had to literally — in my basement and in the other rooms — take out every piece of clothing, take out every curtain because they were worried about mold. I had to go through each thing. And I had never really properly cleaned out Richard’s stuff… I never really worked through that process I think. So, it was a real cleanse, not only physically, but emotionally.” Medley said to Bravo.

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