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Elyse Slaine

NBCUMV Elyse Slaine in 2019

During Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York, there have been a few new faces added into the mix. Elyse Slaine, who has been appearing as Ramona Singer’s friend, is one of those new faces. However, there’s much more to Slaine than just being a “friend.” The 57-year-old has been in the same social circle as some of the ladies for decades. According to Us Weekly, Slaine is actually responsible for introducing former housewives Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin, who were a dynamic duo on the early seasons of the show.

Slaine walked into Real Housewives of New York fame by accident but has so far been a hit with fans, especially on her social media pages. In a May 15, 2020, episode of Us Weekly’s podcast, Getting Real with the Housewives, Slaine shared that, “This whole thing happened by accident. I never auditioned to be on the show.”

Well, RHONY fans alike are glad that she stayed. Read on below for the rundown on Elyse Slaine, along with info from our exclusive interview with her.

1. Elyse Slaine Is a Cryptocurrency Trader

Slaine is a cryptocurrency trader by day, but a Real Housewife by night. According to her LinkedIn page, Slaine is a self-employed cryptocurrency trader. Her resume is quite impressive: Slaine has also worked as a bond trader at financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald, and was a sales trader at Sandler O’Neill and Partners. Slaine has also worked in journalism, writing for Reuters in the late 1980’s.

In Slaine’s social media bios on both Instagram and Twitter, she says that she is a “Crypto Trader.” Slaine’s husband, Reinhold Gebert, left research as a theoretical physicist and is now a partner in a hedge fund.

Elyse Slaine LinkedIn

LinkedInElyse Slaine LinkedIn page

2. Elyse Slaine Really Connects With Her Fans

In a June 2020 interview with Heavy, Slaine shared that one of her favorite parts of being on the show is connecting with her fans, especially the younger ones. “A lot of the people on Twitter and Instagram, young people, direct message me and ask me for very personal advice about issues that they’re dealing with,” Slaine said to Heavy, “Some of them I really have ongoing communication with. It’s really been interesting and very rewarding. Some people tell me that I’m really making a difference. I’ve given some younger fans advice on literally dealing with their boyfriends, or dealing with their parents… it has been rewarding. Maybe because my daughter is 25, I’m always drawn to working with younger people and trying to help guide if I can.”

However, Slaine remembers that this wasn’t always the case. She revealed that throughout the show, social media has warmed up to her. “It was funny, because one day I get a message from one of the fans of the show saying that I was trending on Twitter,” Slaine said, “I had never been on Twitter, so I went on Twitter and I went ‘oh my God, I’m trending as one of the most hated people.’ And then, all of a sudden, I’d say within about a month, Twitter did a complete 180 on me, and now they’re extremely supportive…”

3. Elyse Slaine Is Passionate About Giving Back

Elyse Slaine is passionate about giving back and helping people–whether that be humans or animals.“I’m passionate about animal rescue, and I’m in the process of a match program in which I will match donations that fans make to The American Humane, I’m an ambassador for them,” Slaine shared with Heavy,  “So I’m using all proceeds that I earn from RHONY and from Cameos to donate for American Humane and I was hoping to raise double that amount with the match program.”

Slaine has a Maltese dog named Zoe, according to photos from her Instagram page. Zoe has been seen wearing clothes like this pink sweater and this hat.

Slaine is also passionate about working with kids. “I also have worked for well over a decade with underprivileged children,” Slaine shared with Heavy, “I help them prep for college, so I’ve done some tutoring in English and writing. My husband has helped them in any help they need in science or math tutoring, and I help with college applications. Some of them I even stay in touch with when they’re in school and I’m available whenever they need me and I’ve also helped them if they needed whatever financial aid wouldn’t cover them in books and college expenses.”

4. Elyse Slaine Is Outspoken on Social Media

With her newfound platform, Slaine has been using her social media pages to speak out about important issues. In a May 30, 2020, Instagram post, Slaine posted a photo of George Floyd. In the caption, she wrote, “I watched the videos several times. Mr. Floyd was not resisting, nor were the police officers under attack. This was murder. The officers who stood by and watched, are accessories to murder. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Slaine has also spoken out about her beliefs on her Twitter page.

5. Elyse Slaine Is Unsure if She Would Want to Be a Full-Time Housewife

Because Slaine has made many appearances on Season 12 of RHONY, some fans wonder if she would ever consider holding the golden apple in her hand one day.

“There were aspects of it that I enjoyed, but I don’t like when they’re attacking one another,” Slaine said to Heavy about her experience on the show, “I think that the ladies are all intelligent and funny and I think that they can be really entertaining to watch even if they were supportive of one another. I would sign up for that scenario, as opposed to tearing one another down.”

In a May 30, 2020, Tweet, Slaine wrote, “Who would be into watching a show in which women truly support each other as opposed to conflict and resolution?”

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