‘Robocop 2’ & ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Star Galyn Gorg Dies at 55

Galyn Gorg Dead

Instagram/Galyn Gorg Galyn Gorg pictured on her Instagram page in September 2018.

Galyn Gorg, an actress and dancer known for her roles in Robocop 2 and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has died at the age of 55. Gorg had been suffering from cancer. Gorg also starred in M.A.N.T.I.S., one of the first Black superhero television shows, in which she starred as Lieutenant Leora Maxwell, as well as the movies Point Break and Judgement Night.

Gorg died on July 14, the day before her birthday, according to a Facebook post from her sister. Her death was announced on July 15 via her GoFundMe page. The description on the page said that Gorg had been diagnosed with cancer “throughout her entire body and lungs.” The page reads, “The doctors claimed she only had days maybe a week to live, and after remaining optimistic and praying for a miracle, she has sadly passed.” On July 12, Gorg’s sister wrote on Facebook, “My sister says she wants a miracle, please. Prayers.”

The description on the page added that Gorg had been receiving treatment in Oahu, Hawaii. The author of the page is seeking donations to help Gorg’s family pay for the Twin Peaks star’s funeral.

Gorg Was Last Active on Her Instagram Page on May 9

Galyn Görg with Will Smith, "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"Galyn Görg Will Smith Hollywood, Ca Episodic television Comedy2018-03-06T17:13:36Z

On her Instagram page, Gorg described herself as an “Actress, Dancer, Producer.” Gorg said she was based in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Gorg’s last activity on the page was on May 9 when she posted a meme with the word “Love” written in cursive. Shortly before Gorg’s death, her sister wrote in a Facebook post, “LOVE. One thought. One prayer. Please. Love cures all. I ask only to pray on one word in regards to my sister. ‘LOVE’ Please see it flowing to and embracing her. That’s all I ask. Thank you.”

Gorg’s last tweet saw her acknowledge a role she played in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Gorg Will Be Remembered for Her Role as the Nuke Addicted Angie in ‘Robocop 2’

Galyn Görg, in the film "Robocop 2"Galyn Görg, in Robocop 2 with Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Tom Noonan, Gabriel Damon and Lezza Gibbons. Director: Irvin Kershner Writer: Frank Miller2017-03-31T21:57:10Z

According to Gorg’s IMDb page, she was due to appear in the 2021 movie Teller’s Camp.

Gorg is also due to appear in RoboDoc: The Creation of Robocop, a documentary on the iconic science-fiction franchise. Gorg’s character in the movie was Angie, who was addicted to the movie’s fictional drug Nuke. Angie was a member of the gang, Nuke Cult, and was the girlfriend of one of the movie’s villains, Cain.

In addition to her fame in the U.S., Gorg enjoyed a successful career in Italy appearing in the shows Fantastico and Canale 5. As a result, Gorg’s death has been covered in the Italian media.

Gorg Grew Up in a Showbusiness Family in Los Angeles

Galyn Görg, as Nancy O' Reilly on "Twin Peaks"Galyn Görg, as Nancy O' Reilly on "Twin Peaks" with actor Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Parks and Sherilyn Fenn.2017-03-29T20:13:15Z

Gorg was born in Los Angeles to a documentary filmmaker mother, Gwyn Gorg, and a director and writer father, Alan Gorg. Gorg has four siblings. Her sister Gentry Gorg is a dancer and her other sister, Sunny Gorg, is an actress and dancer.

According to her official website, Gorg studied dance styles such as jazz, ballet, Haitian, Afro-Samba, West African, hip-hop, hula and funk. The bio says that in her youth, Gorg was awarded scholarships to the Dupree Dance Academy, Alvin Ailey Summer Program and The Professional Dancer’s Society. In her bio, Gorg says it was her mother, a former dancer, as being the first person to introduce her to West African dance.

During her life, Gorg was active in many charities, her official website says. Charities such as UNICEF, Humanity Unites Brilliance and Yoga for Youth. Gorg is quoted on her page as saying, “I love being an artist and creating” as well as “Nature is my inspiration.”

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