‘Glee Curse’: Perez Hilton Faces Backlash for Naya Rivera Tweets

Perez Hilton

Getty Blogger and media personality Perez Hilton faced backlash after saying the "Glee curse is real" after Naya Rivera went missing.

Blogger and media personality Perez Hilton faced backlash after saying the “Glee curse is real” after Naya Rivera went missing. The actress is best known for playing Santana Lopez on the Fox dramedy Glee.

Rivera, 33, was last seen renting a boat at a lake in Southern California with her 4-year-old son, Josey, CNN reported. The boat was found drifting with Josey asleep, but there was no sign of Rivera, who is presumed dead. The child told authorities his mother jumped in the water but did not come back.

Hilton Prayed For Rivera To Be Found Safe

Hilton, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., said he got “chills” when he heard about the incident. “I just got chills! Lord, please let Naya Rivera be found safe! This #Glee curse is real!!!!! OMG!!!!” he wrote while sharing news updates. “Some more info on the shocking disappearance of #Glee alum Naya Rivera. I am just in disbelief right now. This can’t be happening!!!”

“The search for Naya Rivera has been suspended until morning. This is not a good sign!” he added in another update. “This is just insane! My brain just can’t accept this.”

Hilton, 42, received backlash from some netizens who said it was insensitive to call it a curse and asked him to delete the tweet, but the blogger dismissed their claims. “I know they’re real people. I worked with them on Glee! I know so many of them,” he tweeted. “Maybe it’s a cultural thing. I grew up in a Cuban household and we very much believe in curses. And my mom prays to her saints.”

The search for Rivera continues,  the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said. The lake has been closed to the public as dive teams aid in the search effort.

Is The Glee Curse Real?

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at this point we just vibin y'all

A post shared by Naya Rivera (@nayarivera) on Jul 5, 2020 at 2:18pm PDT

Speculation that the Glee cast has been cursed has swirled for years, with some of the cast and crew members facing controversies, tragedies and deaths.

Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in 2013 after combined drug intoxication. The star had struggled with substance abuse, with his mother revealing she took him to rehab when he was 15 and 19. Lea Michele, who dated Montieth in real life, has gotten several tattoos to remember her late boyfriend, as reported by USA Today.

Mark Salling, who was accused of being in possession of child pornography, died by suicide in 2018 six weeks before he was slated to be sentenced. Nancy Motes, a Glee production assistant and the sister of actress Julia Roberts, also died by suicide.

Michele has also had her share of controversies. Most recently, the actress was accused of being mean on the set of Glee by former co-star Samantha Ware, who said Michele made being on the set a “living hell.”

Michele issued an apology, saying she would work toward being better.

Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate at times or whether it was just my immaturity and me just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused. We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect my own shortcomings.

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