Hulu Users Can’t Switch Between Seasons or See More Episodes

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Hulu users are reporting issues with the streaming service this afternoon. Some of the issues reported include problems finding episode and season descriptions for the service or finding the menu to switch between episodes and seasons. While Hulu seems to still be working for some people, they can’t access features that allow them to switch to new episodes or seasons. Hulu acknowledged that they are trying to find a solution to this new glitch.

Issues Involve Switching Between Episodes or Seasons

The missing features include finding dropdown menus for episode and season descriptions, along with menus for choosing a new episode or season. One person wrote on Twitter: “@hulu taking away the episode and season descriptions and drop down menus of @nbcsvu during my rewatch marathon was a bottom tier decision.” 

Others reported that it seemed to be a more widespread issue affecting numerous TV shows. Heavy noticed that early Tuesday morning, Hulu would not advance to the next episode in a series, but instead kicked back to a previous episode. Finding the next episode was difficult because of some menu changes.

Hulu Is Working on a Solution

Hulu Support acknowledged on Twitter that there’s been a problem and they are trying to find a solution.



One person wrote on Twitter: “@hulu_support no matter how many times I close out of the app on my Xbox and restart it, I can’t see an option to change between episodes or seasons of shows. please help.” 

Hulu wrote: “Sorry about that, Jordan! We’re currently looking into similar reports. We appreciate your patience while we investigate!”

And they responded to a similar inquiry, writing: “Oh no! Sorry about that. It sounds like you’re running into an issue our teams are aware of and looking into. While we don’t have an ETA on a fix, we want to assure you we’re investigating this with high priority. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!”

According to Down Detector, there’s recently been a spike in reports this afternoon.

Down Detector

Down Detector’s map reveals that most of the issues are within the United States.

Down Detector

The issue is so extreme that some people are thinking the series they’re watching was removed from Hulu entirely.

Many people have taken to Twitter to report similar issues. So if you’re experiencing this too, you’re not alone. One person wrote: “Why is Hulu not letting you choose episodes rn???”

Another person wrote: “What is going on with your app my shows aren’t showing episode lists anymore.”

Many people are expressing frustration with not being able to access the episode guide.

One person wrote: “Why has @hulu removed to ability to see all episodes in a series? Taking away a staple feature in streaming is backwards thinking.”

The main problem seems to involve selecting different episodes of a show or selecting different seasons. An ETA for when the issue will be fixed isn’t yet known. The ability to see a list of episodes in a series has not been purposefully renewed, but it’s not clear when the feature will be back.

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