John Edward Robinson Was Sentenced to Death for His Crimes

john edward robinson

Mugshot/Missing person\'s John Edward Robinson and one of his victims, Lisa Stasi.

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s 20/20 features interviews with Heather Tiffany Robinson, who was raised by the brother of the serial killer who murdered her mother, John Edward Robinson.

Robinson is currently on death row in Kansas after being convicted of murdering multiple women. He is also suspected in other murders.

Medium calls Robinson the first Internet serial killer. Robinson was known online as “slave master,” and he used chatrooms to lure women to meet him in person, sometimes having them sign “slave contracts.”

Robinson Was Sentenced to Death for the Murders

Robinson was arrested on June 2, 2000 at his Kansas farm after a woman filed a sexual battery complaint against him. The next day, detectives searched his farm with three search-and-rescue dog teams, according to The Crime Mag. The dog teams alerted near some barrels near a shed, where detectives discovered two decomposing bodies.

In 2002, Robinson stood trial in Kansas for three of the murders, resulting in the longest criminal trial in Kansas history. On top of the death sentence and life in prison, he received a five-to-20-year prison sentence for kidnapping Lisa Stasi’s four-month-old daughter Tiffany after he allegedly murdered her mother. He also received 20 and a half years for kidnapping and seven months for theft.

Robinson was initially convicted in the murders of Suzette Marie Trouten, Izabela Lewicka, Beverly J. Bonner, Sheila Faith, Debbie Faith, and Lisa Stasi, according to court documents. He is also suspected in the deaths of Catherine F. Clampitt and Paula Godfrey.

Though he was initially convicted of murdering six women, the bodies of five of the alleged victims were found on his properties in Missouri and Kansas.

At the time of writing, Robinson is 76 years old and is incarcerated in Kansas. He is on death row at the El Dorado Correctional Facility in Butler County,  Kansas according to prison records. He has been in the facility since January 24, 2003 according to prison records.

Robinson’s convictions include theft, aggravated interference with parental custody, aggravated kidnapping and intentional/premeditated killing.

Robinson Has Filed an Appeal

In 2016, Robinson filed an appeal and a motion to have the death sentence thrown out, alleging that the death sentence was imposed in violation of both Kansas and the U.S. constitutions. He filed the appeal himself, though he did ask for a lawyer to be appointed to assist him in the appeal.

On November 6, 2015, the state Supreme Court in Kansas vacated the convictions in the Stasi case and another. Robinson remains on death row because the Kansas court upheld one capital murder conviction.

The court wrote, “In sum, we affirm Robinson’s capital murder conviction charged in Count II (Suzette Trouten’s death). We reverse his capital murder conviction charged in Count III (Izabela Lewicka’s death) and his first-degree murder conviction charged in Count V (Lisa Stasi’s disappearance) as unconstitutionally multiplicitous with the capital murder conviction in Count II.”

Robinson’s victims and overall case has been profiled on Cold Case Files, FBI: Criminal Pursuit, Sins & Secrets, Vanity Fair Confidential, Deadly Doctors, Forensic Files, The New Detectives and ABC’s 20/20. 

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