Kathryn Fiore Tigerman: Actress Accuses Bryan Callen of Rape

Katherine Fiore Tigerman and Bryan Callen

Getty Katherine Fiore Tigerman accuses Bryan Callen of rape and sexual miscoduct.

Kathryn Fiore Tigerman accused comedian Bryan Callen of rape and sexual misconduct in an article published by the Los Angeles Times on July 31. While Callen, 53, has denied her claims, Tigerman, 40, said that in 1999, he “held her down and forced her to have sex with him as she pleaded with him to stop.”

In addition to Tigerman, three other women detailed their experiences of Callen’s sexual misconduct. While Callen said his sexual relationship with Tigerman was consensual, he’s also denied all these women’s accounts of sexual assault.

The Goldbergs star said, “Let me be very clear: I have never raped, forced myself upon any woman nor offered to trade stage time for sex. EVER,” he said in a statement to the Times. “I know the truth. And I can only hold my head up high, remain true to myself, my family, my audience and know that I will not allow the cancel culture to subvert what I know and as importantly, what they know, is the truth.”

Here’s what you need to know about Kathryn Fiore Tigerman:

1. Tigerman Has Appeared in Numerous TV Shows & Films Including ‘Mission Impossible III’ and ‘The Hottie & The Nottie’

Kathryn Fiore Tigerman

GettyActress Kathryn Fiore attends the opening of O Boutique Sunset Millennium on March 4, 2003.

Originally, from New York, Tigerman’s career kicked off after regularly appearing on MADtv between 2001 and 2002. After, she worked steadily in Hollywood, guest-starring on TV series such as Charmed, Reno 911!, Jake in Progress, and Glory Daze.

Tigerman’s film resume includes appearances in Mission Impossible III, The Hottie & The Nottie, Necessary Evil, 2 Dudes and a Dream, and Mantervention.

2. Tigerman Is Married to ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Gabriel Tigerman

Gabriel Tigerman

IMDBActor Gabriel Tigerman in ‘Stuck in the Middle.’

Gabriel Tigerman, who married Kathryn in 2008, works steadily in film and TV. He played the role of Gary Irving on HBO’s Silicon Valley and has guest-starred on series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, Good Luck Charlie, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, Bones, Masters of Sex, and Stuck in the Middle.

Gabriel, a native of Los Angeles, has appeared in numerous films including The Jokesters, Hard Crime, Balls to the Wall, and Charlie Wilson’s War.

3. Fiore Nearly Lost Her Life After Giving Birth to Her Daughter In 2013

The Tigermans welcomed a daughter, Alice Harper Fiore Tigerman on May 28, 2013, which turned out to be an incredibly scary ordeal that left Kathryn in the hospital for nearly a month after giving birth.

Following a long, arduous labor, Tigerman required an emergency cesarean. While Tigerman was intubated, she suffered a uterine hemorrhage which caused her to lost over two liters of blood. She then went into septic shock and suffered complete organ failure. After nearly two weeks of life-saving procedures, including emergency dialysis, Tigerman finally stabilized.

The family shared the following statement after she was discharged: While Kathryn continues to improve, Gabe will be taking her back to the hospital every day for outpatient physical and occupational therapy, dialysis, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for her hands and feet.”

“Kathryn will be needing professional home care indefinitely, future surgeries and special drug treatments for her HUS [hemolytic-uremic syndrome]. In light of all this, you can only imagine how grateful the family is for your unexpected and stunning generosity.”

4. Tigerman Was Inspired to Speak Out After Seeing The Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Chris D’Elia, Who Is Callen’s Best Friend

Bryan Callen

GettyActor Bryan Callen onstage during the ‘Missi and Zach Might Bang!’ podcast at EW’s PopFest at The Reef on October 30, 2016.

While speaking to the LA Times, Tigerman described becoming lightheaded after seeing the allegations of sexual misconduct made against comedian Chris D’Elia, who’s one of Callen’s best friends.

“My first thought was: ‘Is something going to happen with Bryan?’” Tigerman recalled. “Reading all the comments, I thought: Here it comes. I’ve known how terrible this person is for 20 years. And maybe I’m not the only one.”

TFATK's Emotional Reaction to Chris D'Elia AccustationsFull Episode: youtu.be/6fXDDixZ3ZY Subscribe to the Clips Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCohZMReM1dQ5BMeYOlr71mA?sub_confirmation=1 TFATK Full Episodes: youtube.com/channel/UC6AbsTfBMQ_dHjtipwh3bZg Brendan's Tour Dates: tfatk.com/live-tour-show Bryan's Tour Dates: tfatk.com/callen-tour-schedule For more The Fighter and The Kid visit: tfatk.com/ Follow Bryan on Twitter: twitter.com/bryancallen Follow Brendan on Twitter: twitter.com/brendanschaub2020-06-18T19:00:06Z

While Callen has wiped his Instagram page clean of photos and videos of him with D’Elia, he defended his close buddy during an episode of his “The Fight and the Kid” podcast.

On June 18, Callen said that D’Elia was a “ladies’ man” but that he’d personally “never seen or heard” of him engaging in illegal activity. “And right now I have to believe that because he’s still a friend,” Callen said.

5. Including Tigerman, Four Women Have Accused Callen of Sexual Misconduct

In addition to Tigerman, A woman who worked at American Apparel in 2009 said that Callen “pinned her against the wall of a fitting room” and kissed her against her will.

Another woman, an actress, said that in 2016, while Callen was a married man, told her that women have a “biological primal desire to be raped.” The fourth woman who spoke to the LA Times in regards to Callen said he asked her to perform oral sex on him in exchange for money and stage time.

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