Real Housewives Star’s Daughter Slashed By Knife-Wielding Man

Getty Man holding knife

According to TMZ, singer and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband Kelsey Grammer’s daughter, Spencer Grammer, was slashed by a knife-wielding man in New York City on July 24, 2020. Kelsey Grammer is the ex-husband of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille Grammer.

According to TMZ, Grammer and her friends were at a place called The Black Ant, which is a restaurant in the East Village, New York, when the incident happened. It is unclear if Grammer was dining there or just passing by. The restaurant was about to close when a man walked up demanding entry. When he was denied entry, he whipped out a blade, and began to brawl with employees and customers, according to TMZ. TMZ’s sources say that Grammer was amongst some of the people who were trying to get the man away from the establishment, but as a result, Grammer was slashed on the arm.

The man fled by foot and has not been caught by law enforcement yet, according to TMZ. Grammer plays Summer Smith on the show Rick & Morty.

Witnesses Said It Was a ‘Full-on Brawl’

According to The New York Post, a witness to the scene named David said that it looked like a “full-on brawl.” A male diner picked up a chair and started swinging it when the knife-wielding man refused to leave, according The New York Post.  “Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart,” David told The Post of the drunk and the chair-swinging diner.

“It looked like there was a full-on brawl. At one point a table got knocked over,” David told The Post, “Everyone jumped out of their seats — about 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart.”

David continued, “One guy was tyring to restrain the stabber, then I saw blood coming out of the lower right-hand side of his back. I saw enough blood coming out to tell that something was going on,” he said of his decision to then call 911.”

Spencer Grammer Got Divorced in 2017

According to Us Weekly, Grammer split from her husband, James Hesketh, after six years of marriage. The couple wed at City Hall in New York in February 2011, according to Us Weekly. The couple has a young son named Emmett, who they welcomed just eight months after they got married, according to The Daily Mail. Right before she was due, Grammer told People, “We spend our lives thinking about ourselves so much. I’m excited to meet the baby because he’s just been living inside my belly for the last nine months.”

According to The Daily Mail, Grammer’s ex-husband is a firefighter. Of her father, Kelsey Grammer, she shared with People in 2007, “He has been great about me being an actress. He always tells me to follow my heart and to do things for the right reasons.” Spencer Grammer is among one of her father’s seven children, two of which he had with former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer.


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