‘Killer Camp’ Premiere Clues & Rules: What Do We Know About the Killer?

Bobby Mair and Sam Avery on Killer Camp

The CW Bobby Mair and Sam Avery on Killer Camp

On the new summer reality show Killer Camp, 11 strangers are thrust into a game of whodunnit where there is a killer amongst them who will be taking them out one by one. If the campers can figure out the killer’s identity, they’ll win the prize money. But the killer is sabotaging the challenges in order to earn money for him or herself, plus if the killer remains undetected, he or she wins the campers’ prize pot too.

It’s just the kind of silly summer fare we need right now. So follow along here every week as we dissect the clues given in each episode.

WARNING: There are spoilers below for the premiere episode. But there are NOT spoilers for any episodes after that (because this show already aired in the U.K.). If you want spoilers for the whole series, check out our post here.

The Rules

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First off, let’s get a handle on the rules of the game. Each episode, the campers will compete in three challenges: one to earn money for the prize pot, one to earn clues to the killer’s identity, and one to earn immunity from being killed.

In the first episode, the campers earned $1150 in the first competition. Then in the second one, a team of five earned five clues about the killer. Then Warren Spencer won immunity and awarded his co-immunity to his new buddy, Carl Woods.

That night, host Bobby Mair told the campers that the killer had chosen two campers to go off on a nighttime stroll in the woods where one of them would be murdered by the camp handyman, Bruce. Those two campers were Nurry Lee and Eleanor Overton. Eleanor returned from her trip; sadly, Nurry did not.

However, the producers told Reality Blurred that the killer only actually gets to select the victim.

“The bottom two are determined like this — one of the two is the person the killer has chosen to remove from camp that evening. The other person was chosen by the producers to be the most dramatic person that could be chosen. In [the case of one of the first two] was considered by some in camp to be acting guiltily so putting [that person] in the bottom 2 felt like it might encourage debate. The person eliminated is always decided by the ‘killer’,” said the producers.

The producers also said that the clues given in each episode are “always genuine facts about the killer.” The contestants who earn them decide whether to tell anyone else and they can also lie about their clue, so the viewers don’t actually know if the clues they hear are real or not, though in the first episode, it sounds like everyone is telling the truth.

The Premiere Episode Clues

The winners of the challenge are Eleanor, Carl, Warren, Rob Jones, and Sam Avery. They each received a clue and decided as a group to share them. The clues about the killer are:

  • Used to collect stamps
  • Favorite subject in school was art
  • Guilty pleasure is Avril Lavigne
  • Favorite food is Thai
  • Favorite celebrity is Danny DeVito

Obviously, those don’t tell anyone much of anything at this point. There is also the possibility that the killer is in this group of people and therefore he or she made up a fake clue.

Now, a cursory glance at the profiles of the contestants makes us think these clues point to Sam. His death row meal is Thai curry and he has a lot of tattoos, so that might mean he’s into art.

However, he discusses in the episode that he already mentioned his favorite food was Thai food. So the fact that that clue came from Rob may indicate that Rob is trying to throw people onto Sam’s scent and keep attention off of himself because he’s really the killer. But maybe the show’s producers decided to use the Thai food clue because they knew two people had already mentioned that they like Thai food.

In the money challenge, Sam was one of the best performers, so it did not feel like he was throwing it. Conversely, Rob and Jacques really struggled. But it was also a very difficult challenge where falling was more than norm than not — Nurry also did terribly, and she ended up dead.

The contestants really seem to be leaning toward Eleanor right now, which is obviously why the producers chose her to go up against Nurry for elimination — that might make it look as though Eleanor is the killer and chose herself in order to throw suspicion off of herself.

At this point, the killer could really be anybody.

Killer Camp airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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