The ‘Killer Camp’ Filming Location’s Real Purpose Might Surprise You

The cast of Killer Camp finding out their at a murder camp instead of a summer camp.

The CW The cast of Killer Camp finding out their at a murder camp instead of a summer camp.

Your new favorite reality show is about to debut when Killer Camp premieres Thursday, July 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. It’s a bit like The Mole meets Whodunnit meets Murder in Small Town X with some Big Brother and Love Island thrown in the mix as well.

The premise is that 11 strangers think they are appearing on a summer camp reality show… only to arrive at “Camp Pleasant” and discover it’s actually a murder camp where they will be bumped off one by one by Bruce, the murderous handyman. But Bruce isn’t the “killer.” He’s just the henchman. The real killer is someone in the cast, deciding which person is going to be taken out each week.

As you enjoy the silly, spooky antics, you may find yourself wondering where the show was filmed. Heavy has all the details here.

Killer Camp Was Filmed in Lithuania

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According to executive producer Ben Wilson, he and co-producer James Donkin filmed another horror reality series in Lithuania called Release the Hounds, so they knew all the country has to offer — “great locations, extraordinarily talented art teams who can conjure up anything desired, and (despite it being a member of the EU) a slight feeling of heading into the unknown.”

He also said Lithuanian has 6000 lakes, luscious forests, and (supposedly!) good weather, plus “shooting in North America would have been too costly, while the U.K. has unpredictable weather and few (if any) appropriate lakeside lodges.”

The Venue Wasn’t Actually a Summer Camp When They Found It, However

The producers wanted the cast to “feel like they were actually in a horror movie,” so they wanted to find a location that “felt authentic and terrifyingly remote,” like something out of Friday the 13th or Sleepaway Camp. But when they found the perfect location, they then had to transform it into an actual camp.

“The actual lodge is called Akmendvaris, a ‘Stone Manor Rural Tourism Complex’ in the Elektrėnai district of Lithuania — a 40-minute drive from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius … Akmendvaris is more of a wedding venue than a murderous summer camp, but our incredible Latvian art team descended on the location and transformed it. They cleared the massive dining room to create our dorm room and then draped the place in Americana. I’m pretty sure we purchased every US flag in Eastern Europe. They even hand-carved the totems, such is their talent,” said Wilson.

But he added that the one thing they couldn’t fake was the forest.

“If you ever found yourself alone in the woods, as the cast did, you felt totally alone and absolutely terrified.”

The Weather Did Not Cooperate

The production team was sold on how beautiful the weather was going to be in Lithuania when they filmed the show, but in reality, it did not cooperate.

“Rewatching the show, it looks so sunny but the reality was it rained. A lot. Entire challenges had to be abandoned as the heavens opened and the cast and crew ran for cover. This was meant to be summer camp, damn it!” said Wilson.

Killer Camp airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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