Lance Kirkpatrick Said He & Kim Dorsey Had Affair Before He Murdered Her

Lance Eugene Kirkpatrick

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/NBC

The murder of Kim Dorsey is the subject of July 31’s episode of Dateline. Lance Eugene Kirkpatrick was convicted of her murder and is currently serving life in prison.

Kirkpatrick was a friend of Kim’s husband, Derrick Dorsey, and lived with the couple in their home for a period of time. For that reason, he knew where the couple kept their spare key and was easily able to break into the house. Kirkpatrick claimed, according to the Inquisitr, that he broke into their house looking for money to pay off a drug debt.

After Kim Dorsey was killed, Derrick found her body bound and bloody in their bedroom. During Kirkpatrick’s murder trial, he claimed that he and Dorsey were romantically involved, unbeknownst to her husband.

Kim Dorsey’s Husband Derrick Was Unfaithful to Her, With the Help of Kirkpatrick

The Florida Times-Union reported that Kirkpatrick’s attorney, Charles Fletcher, stated that “He had a sexual relationship with Ms. Dorsey and would sometimes set up Mr. Dorsey with other women so he could see Ms. Dorsey.”

While Derrick Dorsey, Kim’s husband, said he did not know about Kirkpatrick’s claims that Kim had been unfaithful to him, he did admit that he cheated on her with multiple women. According to, Dorsey said during Kirkpatrick’s trial: “I was unfaithful and did not give her the love and respect she deserved.” Kirkpatrick claimed that the fight that led to Dorsey’s death started because she was angry that Kirkpatrick helped her husband meet and sleep with other women. Dorsey said he did not believe his wife knew about his affairs before her death.

While Kirkpatrick Was Found Guilty of Rape, He Claimed He & Dorsey Had a Consensual Sexual Relationship

Even of Kirkpatrick and Dorsey were having an affair, autopsy evidence concluded that the events that happened prior to Dorsey’s murder were rape and nonconsensual. reported during the trial that “Prosecutors ridiculed the idea that there was a consensual sexual relationship between Kim Dorsey and Kirkpatrick.”

In April 2015, Kirkpatrick was found guilty of first-degree murder, rape, and burglary. According to the Inquisitr, the autopsy performed on Dorsey’s body concluded that she had been raped before she was murdered. The autopsy also said that her death was caused by being beaten with a pool cue and stabbed in the neck.

Dorsey’s obituary, which called her death “tragic and senseless,” seemed to make a veiled reference to her rape and murder. At its conclusion, it reads, “In memory of Kim, please do a random act of kindness for an animal and hug and protect your family as you have never done before, being ever mindful that evil men and their wickedness are ever present in the world. Sinner, the power of God’s anger is against you, and power and anger together make fearful work. It were better you had all the world in arms against you than to have the power of God against you. There is no escaping His hands, no breaking His prison.”

Dateline airs on Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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