What Is Klaus’s Power on ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2?


The Umbrella Academy is back on Netflix, and some of our favorite characters have seen some changes in their powers. Klaus has a lot of untapped potential and he’s one of the most entertaining characters on the series. Here’s a refresher about Klaus and how his powers work. This post has spoilers for Season 1 and the comics, along with minor spoilers in terms of what we see in the opening scene of Season 2 that was released early. 

Klaus has the ability to conjure the dead and speak to them. In Season 1 we learned that this ability was overwhelming to him, which was why he stayed high or drunk most of the time — it seemed to dampen his skills. However, Ben (who is dead) is permanently conjured and always talking to him.

Toward the end of Season 1, Klaus uncovered that he had more powers than he thought — he just had to get sober. Klaus is able to allow whoever he is conjuring to exist and use their powers in the real world. When he finally achieves this power with Ben, it’s amazing to behold. Ben can use all the same powers that he could use when he was alive. This might just make Klaus one of the most powerful of the Umbrella team once he is able to unleash the true potential of what he can do.

Some viewers also speculated that, based on the end of Season 1, Klaus might be immortal. We see him “appear” to die in a club and meet a character who might be God. However, it’s also possible that he just passed out and had a dramatic vision. It’s not clear what truly happened in that scene.

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The opening scene above for Season 2 shows us a Klaus who has achieved a level of power not known before. He can manifest multiple ghosts simultaneously and they can all interact with the physical realm. Reginald said in Season 1 that Klaus had far more potential than he realized. This opening scene gives us a glimpse of just what that power might be.

In the comics, Klaus had telekinesis, the ability to possess people, and levitation, which he doesn’t appear to have in the TV series. He’s known as “The Seance” in the comics.

In the comic series, Reginald Hargreeves’ inventions augment his children’s powers. For example, he builds levitator belts that let them fly and a teleporting elevator (televator) that lets them move quickly from location to location.

Fans are hoping that maybe Season 2 or future seasons might tap more deeply into Klaus’s power. The comics demonstrate more of what Klaus is capable of doing, but it’s unclear if the show is going to follow that closely or not. The Netflix series has already diverted quite a bit from the comic series, including introducing characters in Season 1 that weren’t in the first comic. It will be interesting to see what Netflix has in store in the future for Klaus and how it compares to the comics.

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