Labor of Love Cast Winners: Final 3 Contestants Spoilers

Labor of Love

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In tonight’s episode of Labor of LoveKristy travels to the hometowns of each of the final three contestants in order to get a closer look at what her future would be like with each of them.

Warning: Spoilers for previous episodes and tonight’s episode of Labor of Love follow. Read at your own risk.

It’s down to the final three contestants on Labor of Love: Marcus, Kyle and Stewart, and Kristy will be choosing between the three of them soon.

Read on to learn more about where the men’s hometowns are and what they thought after their dates with Kristy.

Stewart Takes Kristy to Los Angeles

In tonight’s episode, Stewart takes Kristy to Los Angeles and wanted to show Kristy that he’s ready to settle down, he told Hollywood Life.

“I could very easily have gone to the beach with Kristy,” he said. “I could very easily have glitz and glamor, but I really wanted to focus on what our life could be like together.”

He said for their date, he decided to show Kristy where he lives and a give her a real look into his life while proving they could build a life together.

Kyle Takes Kristy To Austin, Texas

For their hometown date, Kyle and Kristy go to Austin, Texas. Kyle told Hollywood Life that the dates were the most fun they had together, citing the fact that it was easier for them to let loose and not feel the pressure of being in the show.

Kyle also said that he felt he didn’t have “quite as much freedom in creation” since his was the last of the three hometown dates. “I guess I didn’t have quite maybe as much control over what we got to do and stuff.”

He said that the days between the elimination and his hometown were the hardest for him on the show.

“I was afraid that Kristy was going to love Austin but look at my life and think he’s not ready to start a family,” he said.

Life and Style believes that Kyle may not have had anything to worry about and that he might have actually won the season based on evidence from Kristy’s LinkedIn and Kyle’s social media.

Marcus Was Apprehensive for His Hometown Date

According to Hollywood Life, Marcus was apprehensive to bring Kristy home because he did not live somewhere with the “glam of LA or Austin.” He also said his home was a very personal space and a neat experience. He was thankful for the date, though.

“I felt like that was the first time that we got to ask questions, too,” he said. “With that said, it was great. It could have gone horribly wrong for somebody. But at the same time, I don’t think anyone of us felt more comfortable after the hometown dates… nobody was confident.”

At the end of tonight’s episodes, Kristy will eliminate one of the remaining three men and be one step closer to having a baby with the man of her dreams.

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