Lyle Herring Tried to Cover Up His Wife’s Murder With a Starbucks Receipt

Lyle Herring Lesley Herring Murder


Tonight on NBC, Dateline re-airs a 2013 episode about the disappearance and murder of Lesley Herring, the sister of actress Aasha Davis.

When Lesley Herring was classified as missing, police say that her husband, Lyle Herring, tried to hide his involvement in her murder by planting a Starbucks receipt in her purse according to the Daily Beast.

Lyle Herring pleaded not guilty to murdering his wife in 2010. Lesley Herring was reported missing in February 2009 by her sister when Davis learned that she hadn’t shown up for work for several days. Lesley Herring’s body has never been found.

Lyle Herring Tried to Cover Up His Involvement In the Disappearance

When the police began to investigate Lesley Herring’s disappearance, they knew something was off from the start. They found her purse, ID, keys, money, cell phone and her ATM card inside the trunk of her car, which was parked at her home in Hollywood Hills. Her favorite bracelets, which she wore daily, were also found in her home.

A week after his wife went missing, Lyle Herring was pulled over while reentering California from Mexico. He said at the time that he’d been looking for his wife since they had plans to go vacation in Mexico but had had a fight before they went, according to the Daily Beast.

Detectives also learned that Lesley Herring had spoken to her mother about her plans to leave her husband, and a cadaver dog alerted to the trunk of Lyle Herring’s two cars. That’s when Herring was arrested, 14 months after his wife disappeared.

As part of his plan to keep the police off his trail, detectives said that Lyle Herring placed a Starbucks receipt dated two days after Lesley was last seen in her purse. Lyle Herring was, however, caught on camera at the Starbucks buying the cup of coffee.

He reportedly also had a search history that included terms like “Do I need a passport” and had visited a website called “Which country do I flee to?”

Lyle Herring is Serving 15 Years to Life in Prison

The trial against Lyle Herring included nearly a dozen witnesses including his cousin, Marvin Thomas, who said that Lyle had told him he was “tired of everything and wanted to check out,” and he had also later said he did something that “he would burn in hell” for.

During closing statements at the trial, the Deputy District Attorney Pak Kouch told jurors they had to answer two questions: whether Lesley Herring was dead and whether Lyle Herring filled her. The prosecution argued that he killed his wife and then tried to cover it up according to The defense argued that there was no proof the disappearance was anything more than a missing persons case.

Lyle Herring was 59 years old when he was convicted of second-degree murder in his wife’s case. According to, he showed no emotion when the verdict was returned after five hours of deliberation.

He was sentenced on June 7, 2013 to 15 years to life in prison for the murder of his wife.

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