MAFS: Henry’s Friend Trishelle Slams Trolls After Wedding Airs


Lifetime MTV star Trishelle Cannatella slammed trolls who accused her of being jealous at the wedding of "Married At First Sight" stars Henry and Christina.

MTV star Trishelle Cannatella slammed trolls who accused her of being jealous at the wedding of Married At First Sight stars Henry and Christina. Trishelle, best known for appearing on Real World: Las Vegas and The Challenge, spoke out on Twitter Wednesday night after she discovered a Reddit thread where people were talking about her appearance on the Lifetime reality show.

She was shocked at the negative things Redditors were saying about her. “Woah. I never was a part of Reddit until tonight. I saw what people said about me. I have had a lot of hate but wow. This is next level. Really? I’m not a bad person,” she tweeted. “The things I have seen are horrible.”

Trishelle clarified that she and Henry have been friends for more than seven years. “To be clear. Henry has been my friend for 7 plus years. Also, he is a friend of my husband. We are all close friends,” the MTV star wrote. “It’s ridiculous that people can’t understand platonic friendships in 2020.”

Triselle shared a message written by Big Brother star Dick Donato, who also slammed the naysayers. “You know who you are and don’t need approval from anyone but the people you love and respect, not random fucks who are way more fucked up than you or I,” he wrote. “I love you Trishelle.”

Heavy reached out to Christina and Henry for comment about Trishelle’s appearance at the wedding, but did not immediately hear back.

Why Are Viewers Upset With Trishelle?

So what did Trishelle do that made viewers so upset?

During a confessional with Lifetime cameras, one of Henry’s friends–not Trishelle–said she wasn’t going to accept the marriage. “I don’t consider them married. I don’t,” she said, slurring her words.

“Are you serious?” Trishelle asked. “You have to.”

“I’m going to respect the marriage but I’m not going to respect the relationship,” the other friend added, with Trishelle laughing before the camera cut away.

Christina and Henry were in the middle of dinner when Trishelle and two of Henry’s other friends went up to their sweetheart table to question the bride. Henry continued to eat his meal as Christina answered their questions. But the inquisition didn’t stop there. The trio of friends continued to talk to Christina throughout the wedding, with Henry having to physically pull his bride away from his friends.

On Reddit, many netizens discussed Trishelle’s intoxication level, accused her of being rude to Christina and wondered how Trishelle and Henry became friends.

Christina Experienced Pre-Wedding Nerves

Before walking down the aisle to meet her new husband, Christina was short with production and her bridesmaids. She snipped at her mother and friends when producers asked her to do an interview. “I’m not moving from the spot, so y’all can go,” she said before acquiescing. “So this is it. I’m about to get married. Can’t wait. Done.”

She was ready to meet her groom. “I just, I wanna do it. Like let’s do,” Christina said. “I’m so ready to be a wife. Let’s do it. I’m so tired of answering questions. Let’s just do it. I wanna meet them. I’m so ready. I mean, I don’t know why I’m standing here.”

Christina has received some flack online, with some social media users accusing her of being high maintenance.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. You can find updates on the Season 11 cast, couples predictions and more MAFS coverage here.

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