MAFS: Why MTV Star Trishelle Attended Henry and Christina’s Wedding


"Married At First Sight" fans will get the chance to see Henry and Christina tie the knot on Wednesday's episode of the marriage experiment, but they might also remember one of Henry's female friends.

Married At First Sight fans will get the chance to see Henry and Christina tie the knot on Wednesday’s episode of the marriage experiment, but they might also remember one of Henry’s friends. MTV star Trishelle Cannatella was invited to the wedding. Viewers might best know her from Real World: Las Vegas or The Challenge.

As noted on Wednesday’s episode, Trishelle and Henry became friends after they went on a date but things didn’t work out romantically. At the wedding, she came up to Christina with another friend to get to know her better. In fact, at one point Henry had to drag Christina away from his friends so he could dance with her himself.

Other than a cameo on MAFS, where is Trishelle now?

She married John Hensz, a fighter pilot from Louisiana, in 2017. On Tuesday she celebrated her husband’s birthday. “Had a nice little birthday celebration yesterday for John. He made Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington for the first time and it was so good! Perfect night with amazing friends,” she wrote.

The day before she continued to gush over John. “There is not enough room on here to show all the reasons John is an amazing man. He’s not just a great person with a huge heart, he’s the most talented and well-rounded guy I’ve ever met. You’ve done a lot in 42 years and I hope we get to do a lot more over the next 42!” she penned. “Happy birthday, my love. I’m so proud to be your wife and be able to celebrate each year with you.”

Christina Gets Nervous Before Walking Down The Aisle

As shown in an exclusive clip obtained by Pop Culture, Christina got nervous moments before walking down the aisle to meet her husband for the first time. She snips at her mother and bridesmaids when producers ask her to do a quick interview. “I’m not moving from the spot, so y’all can go,” she says, before looking at her camera phone. “So this is it. I’m about to get married. Can’t wait. Done.”

The jitters start to get to her. “I just, I wanna do it. Like let’s do,” Christina says. “I’m so ready to be a wife. Let’s do it. I’m so tired of answering questions. Let’s just do it. I wanna meet them. I’m so ready. I mean, I don’t know why I’m standing here.”

Christina Says She & Henry Are ‘Polar Opposites’

Christina doesn’t think she and Henry have much in common, the Married at First Sight star told IBT in an interview. When asked about what surprised her the most, she said it was the person the experts chose for her.

“He’s definitely unlike anyone I’ve ever dated,” she told the outlet. “Like, I thought the person they matched me with would be different, but not the polar opposite of me. But I guess that’s the whole point of this experiment – see if someone you wouldn’t pick for yourself could be the right one for you!”

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