Michelle Money’s Daughter Brielle’s Recovering From Coma After Traumatic Brain Injury

Michelle Money's daughter Brielle is recovering after a skateboarding accident left her in a coma with a traumatic brain injury.

Instagram Michelle Money's daughter Brielle is recovering after a skateboarding accident left her in a coma with a traumatic brain injury.

The latest episode of The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever is taking a look back at Brad Womack’s two seasons as The Bachelor, the second of which introduced the world to the hilarious, brash contestant named Michelle Money. Money would go on to appear on the second season of Bachelor Pad and she won the first season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Along the way, viewers have heard a lot about Michelle’s daughter Brielle, whom she had with ex-husband Ryan Money. In March 2020, tragedy struck their family when Brielle suffered a traumatic brain injury in a skateboarding accident and had to be put into a medically-induced coma. Here’s what you need to know about her recovery and how Brielle is doing today.

Brielle Left the Hospital 26 Days After Her Accident

On April 24, Money wrote on Instagram that Brielle was leaving the hospital. She praised her “warrior” daughter, but said there is “a long road still ahead of us.”

“What Brielle has accomplished since she woke up from her coma is absolutely mind blowing. Her ability to push through the pain and frustration of relearning how to walk, talk, eat, drink, get dressed, shower, brush her teeth etc. is beyond impressive to watch as her mother. Bri’s speech therapist told us that in the 6 years she has been working, she has never seen a kid recover as fast as Bri has.

“I am incredibly grateful for her speedy recovery yet I know we have a long road still ahead of us. This girl is a fighter. She is a warrior. She is going to do amazing things with her life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers! You will never understand what it has meant to us. Never. As I try to explain all of this to Brielle, she is slowly starting to realize what has actually happened the last month. It’s a lot to process, but she is very grateful for all of you! She does not want to be remembered for this but I think we all know she has a big purpose here that will far surpass the memory of this accident. I am forever grateful she gets the opportunity to experience all this amazing life has to offer her! As she gave me her permission to share this picture, I want to thank you for respecting our privacy and allowing us to process all of this on our own time. Looking forward to a new and beautiful life with this kid. She is my hero.”

Then in an Instagram Q&A with Brielle on May 19, Brielle revealed how she’s been doing in the seven weeks since the accident.

“I’m doing so good,” she said, adding, “I’m in occupational therapy and speech therapy … I think I’ve learned more from this experience more than anything else that I’ve been through. I’ve learned to focus on school and the path to get to for where I want to end up in the future … I wasn’t thinking about that before this had happened, so I’m really grateful that this happened. I’m sure it was so hard for my parents, but for me, it’s been nothing but positive. There have been little hiccups that have been hard to deal with, but for the most part, it’s been positive.”

Neighbors Found Brielle and Money Credits Them With Saving Her Daughter’s Life

When the accident happened, Money wrote on Instagram that she credits the neighbors who found Brielle with saving her life because Money feels like she “would not have found her in time.”

“Brielle was in terrible skateboarding accident and is in the ICU on life support. She suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull. She is in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure in her brain. She is in amazing hands up at Primary Children’s Hospital. Please – I am asking for prayers. I believe in the power of communication with whatever God you believe in. The energy of your conscious focus to send healing to my daughter is real. In whatever form you commune with your Higher Power, please as a desperate mother, I am begging you to do so.

“She needs support and healing right now. And if you could send one up for me as well, I would appreciate it. This is the worst experience of my life. ALWAYS MAKE THEM WEAR THE HELMET. ALWAYS. EVEN WHEN THEY PUSH BACK. Thank you to the neighbors who happened to be on a walk and found her and called 911. You will never understand. I would not have found her in time. My heart is forever grateful. Thank you to all of you who have sent prayers and messages and love. Brielle has been through so much already this year. She has proven how strong she is. I know she will pull through.”

Money also posted regular updates, including an X-ray of her daughter’s skull fracture. She also had complications arise due to fluid in her lungs and a blood clot in her jugular.

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Repost from Brielles dad @rcmoney • Update: April 3rd @ Noon *The CT scan yesterday (the pics of her skull and the fractures are from this CT Scan) gave us a bunch of good news. The bruising and swelling in Brie's head has gone down. No new swelling. *Also, Brie had a blood clot in her jugular, the angiogram showed the blood is now flowing through that vein. *The nurses worked overtime and got Brie on an airbed. This will allow them to move her around better and be more comfortable for her. Keep in mind at Primary Childrens there are a lot of small kids who are a lot easier to move around. Brie being older has its pluses (more tolerance of medicine) and its disadvantages (she is hard to move around and it takes longer to do most anything with her). *Michelle went in last night @ 8pm. Brielle had the worst night since she has been there. The pressure in her brain was almost twice as high as it has ever been. It was a rough night and definitely for the 2 steps forward she had with the Scans yesterday this was a step back. The doctors are not sure why this happened and have been working on her all morning. She had a lot of fluid in her lungs and they sucked that out, along with congestion in her sinuses. Brie is definitely at risk of infection. They have her on antibiotics but this also has its negative side effects. They have since got her pressure down a bit but are giving her much larger doses of medicine. They said that if her numbers get up that high again they will have to put her in a deeper comatose state/ medically induced coma. They have been trying to wean her off of these drugs and it does not seem like that is going to happen today. – we have had a bit of negative news today. Been a tough one. – THANK YOU again for your prayers – we are using them up. I will update again probably later tonight.

A post shared by Michelle Money (@michellemoney) on Apr 3, 2020 at 12:57pm PDT

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