‘Mountain Men’: Kidd & Harry Youren Are Okay Following Freak ATV Accident

Kidd and Harry Youren Mountain Men

History Channel

Tonight on History Channel’s Mountain Mentwo of the cast members will be seen in a different kind of danger than they may be used to on the show, which usually focuses on survival skills in the mountains. It’s not the wilderness that threatens Harry and Kidd Youren this time around, though.

According to the episode description, for “Tom’s Big Day,” “Kidd and Harry are sent into a dangerous free fall by a freak ATV accident; Jake goes on ranch patrol to protect newborn calves; Nancy gives Tom the surprise of a lifetime; Josh attempts to wrangle a feral horse; and Jason salvages farming equipment to keep his bladesmithing operation afloat.”

In a preview for the episode, cameras catch Kidd and Harry riding an ATV on terrain without “a whole lot of traction.”

One of the men can be heard saying “The brakes are out” as the ATV starts downhill with Harry still driving. It’s likely he made it all the way down the hill just fine, but it won’t be clear to viewers until the episode airs.

This isn’t the first time the men will have been put in danger because of the show, but it might be the wildest episode yet for Kidd and Harry.

Kidd and Harry Are Both Okay Following the Accident

The accident may look scary, but both Kidd and Harry are okay today.

Kidd is regularly updating his Facebook page. On Wednesday, July 29, he posted a photo of himself and his family alongside the caption “Spending time with my family in the beautiful wilderness. Life is good.”

Harry Youren also uploads regularly to Facebook, most recently posting a preview for an episode of Mountain Men in early July.

Many Viewers Believe ‘Mountain Men’ Is Staged

While many viewers of the current season of the show have expressed their opinions that the show is going downhill and becoming boring due to the storyline about Jake Herak and his dogs, others are saying the show seems staged because they are not impressed with brothers Kidd and Harry Youren.

There have been many articles and posts throughout the years about how Mountain Men could be staged or fake with most of those pointing to producer-created drama and danger, as is the case with most reality shows.

Some viewers have called out Kidd and Harry’s storyline for being possibly ‘staged’ as well. After the brothers had been treading mountains on their horses for weeks and viewers began getting bored with the content, they were blowing up a beaver dam using some explosives, which viewers ended up calling out as fake.

“Sorry but I’m over these 2 nitwits. I don’t see how anyone can consider them Mountain Men. Ranch helpers maybe,” a viewer wrote, according to meaww.

Of course, something doesn’t go wrong every single day, so sometimes, in order to spice things up, the producers have to make things seem more dangerous than they are. Mountain Men star Tom Oar told the Billings Gazette that they have to make things dangerous so he doesn’t seem boring.

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