Rob and Jess on ‘Below Deck Med’: Are They Still Together?

Jess and Rob on Below Deck


Season five of Below Deck Mediterranean is in full swing, and this season’s romance seems to be between third stew Jessica More and deckhand Robert Westergaard.

The couple instantly hit it off and stunned viewers with their chemistry. Since then, they’ve been front-and-center when it comes to their budding romance, and fans have been wondering if they’re still together today.

The show films well in advance, so even if they got together during the show, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are still together.

Read on to learn what we know about their current relationship statuses.

Are Rob and Jess Still Together?

Since the crew members and cast are not allowed to say anything about what happens on the show until the season is over, it’s not immediately clear whether Jess and Rob are still together.

Neither of them has posted anything about getting together or being together recently, with the most recent post being in October 2019. Jess uploaded a photo of them together in Ibiza, Spain, writing, “She wasn’t where she had been. She wasn’t worried about where she is going, but she was on her way… while loving every moment.”

It’s likely that photo was taken when season 5 was still going on, so it doesn’t reveal much about their relationship status. There’s also the fact that Jess has been quoted saying that she does not hook up with crew members, but their “boatmance” was entertaining, steamy and eventful.

It looks like their relationship was short-lived and stayed on the seas rather than following them back home when the season ended. It’s possible, however, that sparks flew and they are still together today.

Jessica Was Intrigued by Rob When They First Met

According to her cast bio on Bravo, Jess went into the season looking for romance on board the yacht, and she and Rob quickly gravitated toward each other.

Early on he talked about his mother struggling with alcoholism and dying. He said they toasted her with shots at her funeral, saying that was her type of humor.

He and Jessica quickly gravitated toward each other. “I was just really intrigued by Rob,” she told Heavy about what attracted her to him. “He’s quiet in a way and you can tell there’s a lot going on in his head. I think I just wanted to understand him.”

She said that the vibe on the yacht was dynamic and said that everyone on the boat was completely different in their own way.

“Everyone has just such a strong amazing personality,” she said, though she said the hours can be long and draining after a while. She also said that the season is very dramatic, and she was excited to watch the events unfold.

“I’m just excited as a lot of the viewers to watch the whole season unfold,” Jessica said. “It’s an intense and emotional situation.”

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