Was Sebastián Athié Dating Anyone? Did He Have a Girlfriend?

Sebastian Athie

Instagram Sebastián Athié did not appear to be publicly dating anybody at the time of his death, which is still being investigated by police.

Sebastián Athié, a Disney star known for his role as Lorenzo Guevara on O11CE, died unexpectedly over the weekend. He was 24 years old at the time of his death. Athié did not appear to be publicly dating anybody when he died, and he was not romantically linked to anyone in recent months. His cause of death is unknown at this time.

Athié’s death was confirmed over the weekend by the National Association of Interpreters of Mexico, who released a statement reading, “The Board of Directors and the ANDI Surveillance Committee communicate the sensitive death of the interpreter Sebastián Athié. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

“Rest in peace, Sebas. Your art and your smile stay forever,” Disney Channel LA also tweeted on July 4. “We regret the departure of Sebastián Athié and we will always remember him for his talent, companionship, professionalism and above all, enormous heart. We accompany his family, friends and fans in his farewell.”

Athié Shared a Nelson Mandela Quote in His Final Instagram Post

Although Athié’s Instagram page is devoid of any photos indicating a recent relationship, his page is filled with pictures of the young Mexican actor posing on various beaches, traveling the world and spending time with his family.

In the most recent social media post preceding his death, Athié shared a quote attributed to Nelson Mandela, alongside a photo of him that was taken in Chapultepec, Mexico City. The quote discussed freedom and has since garnered more than 40,000 likes and comments.

“Being free is not a mere matter of removing the chains, but of living respecting and increasing the freedom of others,” the post above reads. The post is now filled with users mourning the death of the young Disney actor, with thousands of heartbroken fans leaving thoughts, prayers and condolences in the comments.

“I love you man. Going to miss you so much. Life isn’t fair man. I promise to fulfill our last promises. Te quiero bro,” one user wrote, while another added, “Until always friend, keep shining like you always have.” Dozens of devastated fans expressed their sadness and praying hands emojis flooded the post after news of Athié’s death spread online.

His Cause of Death is Still Being Investigated by Police

Athié’s cause of death is still unclear at this time, although his death is reportedly being investigated by police, according to The Sun. The young actor had participated in a Zoom call with fans just one day before he died, leaving them reeling at his sudden and unexpected death.

Fellow O11CE star Santiago Stieben shared a memorial video of his friend on Instagram. He captioned the video, “I am very sad indeed. I was hesitant to make this video. My hug to your family, my best memories with you always.”

Aside from his role on O11CE, Athié also appeared in a number of other Mexican TV shows over the years, including La Rosa de Guadalupe. He launched his own music career in 2018 as well after releasing a duet called “Hasta que Vuelvas” with actor Javier Eloy Bonanno. You can check out the music video below.

Hasta Que Vuelvas – Javi Eloy – Sebastián AthiéJavi Eloy Música2018© – Todos los derechos reservados. Con MANUELA VIALE Producción musical: IVAN NILSON Dirección: MARTIN SEIPEL GRACIAS @111bethechange POR VESTIRNOS PARA ESTE VIDEO. Director de Fotografía: NICOLAS MASOLINI Asistencia Dirección: CAMILA LAS HERAS Foto fija: NICOLAS ARAGON2018-10-18T22:52:36Z

Aside from photos of his family and pictures of Athié modeling, the actor’s Instagram page is filled with photos of his favorite football teams and snapshots of matches he’s attended over the years. According to The Sun, Athié sang the Mexican national anthem during a friendly match Mexico and Argentina several years ago.

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