Is ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen’s Daughter Mandy Pregnant?

Mandy Hansen and Sig Hansen

Getty Mandy Hansen and Sig Hansen attend the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

On season 16 of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy has emerged as a “Captain In-Training” for her father’s ship, the Northwestern.

Fans of the show have taken an interest in Mandy’s personal life – namely, if she and her husband Clark Pederson are expecting. It does not appear that Mandy Hansen is currently pregnant; however, she revealed in 2019 that she was pregnant during her “previous season onboard” but ultimately lost the pregnancy.

On Instagram, Mandy posted a photo of a baby onesie and booties. In the caption, she wrote, “Though I lost you my previous season onboard, I still think about you everyday. Words cannot describe the hurt and the love I still feel for you. May we meet one day little one. Momma’s got you in her heart forever and ever.” Pederson did not comment on their loss on social media.

Hansen & Pederson Were Married in 2017 in Front of the Northwestern</h2?

In 2017, Mandy Pederson married Clark Pederson, who was a deckhand on her father's ship the Northwestern. The couple made the Northwestern a part of their wedding, and were married in front of friends and family with the ship docked behind them. Posting a wedding photo on Instagram, Hansen wrote, "#HansenOut #Mrs.Pederson has arrived. The boat and the legacy will always have a hold on my heart but what an amazing way to step away from one life to create another." After the wedding, Pederson shared his own photo with his smiling bride, writing on Instagram, “What a beautiful bride !!!! Luckiest man !!! Thanks all who came to celebrate !!!”

Hansen’s followers have noticed recently that she removed her married name from her Instagram bio, listing only her maiden name. This does not appear to be an indication of any kind of marital troubles, and makes sense since she goes by “Mandy Hansen” as a cast member of Deadliest Catch. While quarantining together, Hansen shared a sweet photo snapped of her and Pederson kissing. In the caption, she wrote, “I’ll stay locked in with you forever #stayhome #withyou #truelove.”

Hansen & Pederson Have Been Taking on More Responsibility as the Northwestern’s ‘Power Couple’

As Hansen’s position aboard the Northwestern continues to grow, it seems like she and Pederson are being groomed to carry on her father’s role leading the ship and its crew. Hansen’s cast bio for Deadliest Catch reads:

“Mandy takes after her father Sig in many ways — she is charismatic, hardworking, and stubborn. But unlike her father, Mandy is learning the maritime ways not only from her family, but also in the classroom. Having attended the Maritime Institute in San Diego, Mandy aspires to one day be a ship captain in her own right and has earned much of her required ‘sea time’ at the wheel of the Northwestern. She has been taking on more responsibility on the Northwestern, from driving in big weather to brainstorming strategy — will she and her now-husband, NW deckhand Clark Pederson, take over the Northwestern as the Bering Sea’s most sea-worthy power couple?”

Pederson’s bio also acknowledges his relationship with Hansen, saying that the Greenhorn “quickly became an established deckhand — and Sig’s new son-in-law after he married Mandy in 2017. Clark, along with Karl, adds some young blood to a boat comprised of salty, hardened veterans. Clark has the mariner skills and confidence to step up, but also the grace to let Mandy lead, and support her however he can.”

The next episode of Deadliest Catch, entitled “Bomb Cyclone,” airs on July 6. The episode description teases, “The Wizard catches fire in a violent storm known as a bomb cyclone. Josh and Casey attempt to fish in 30-foot seas, while two rogue waves slam the Southern Wind. Wild Bill grinds his crew 72 straight hours bringing himself to the brink of collapse.”

New episodes of Deadliest Catch season 16 air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on the Discovery Channel.

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