Tania & Syngin Update on 90 Day Fiancé: Are They Still Together?

Tania and Syngin, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Tania and Syngin, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiance."

Tania and Syngin, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancéare still together today and going strong, despite the issues they are facing on the current season of Happily Ever AfterThe reality stars get into another argument during the August 23 episode of the show, so fans might be wondering what’s going on with Tania and Syngin today.

Although they 90 Day duo struggled to find common ground in their marriage regarding their future, where they wanted to live, and when they wanted to try for children, it looks like they’ve been able to work through some of their problems in recent months. Both stars frequently post about their adventures on Instagram, often accompanied by sweet, gushy captions about their relationship, so it’s safe to say the two are still happily married today. Keep reading for details:

They’ve Been Arguing on the New Season of Happily Ever After & Syngin is Questioning His Future in the U.S.

Tania Isn't Sure Syngin Is Her Soulmate! | 90 Day FiancéTania explains that she's not sure Syngin is her soulmate a revelation that shocks Syngin deeply. Stream Full Episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: tlc.com/tv-shows/90-day-fiance/ Subscribe to TLC: bit.ly/SubscribeTLC Join Us on Facebook: facebook.com/90DayFiance/ facebook.com/TLC Follow Us on Twitter: twitter.com/TLC We're on Instagram! instagram.com/TLC2020-01-21T16:30:02Z

Tania and Syngin were first introduced on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiancéand the last time fans saw the two before the season ended, they were celebrating their nuptials with their closest friends and family. Although the reality stars had some significant ups and downs during their 90-day engagement, they were still married during the Season 7 finale and are still together today.

One of the biggest issues Tania and Syngin faced during their season was the revelation that Tania doesn’t consider Syngin her “soulmate,” an issue that has crossed over into the current season of Happily Ever AfterNow that the reality stars are married and no longer living in Tania’s mother’s shed, they’re starting to look toward the future. Unfortunately, Syngin is starting to question his relationship with Tania and his decision to move to the U.S., especially since he arrived back in South Africa to visit his family.

After Syngin confronts Tania about wanting to travel more and his hesitance on settling down permanently in the states, they start discussing their future, and Syngin confronts her about the soulmate issue once again. “You want me to come here and build a family and s–t with you, but you don’t even recognize me as your soulmate,” Syngin tells Tania during Sunday’s episode of the show. “I’m just explaining that I think that’s a little bit f–king messed up.”

He then adds during a confessional, “Before me and Tania were married, she dropped a bombshell on me and said she doesn’t feel that I’m her soulmate. And it was fine, it wasn’t worth breaking up over because it was something we could talk through and sort through, but it can be hard for me sometimes to understand when she wants to talk and make future plans, but she’s unsure if I’m her true soulmate.”

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They Both Frequently Post Pictures of One Another on Instagram & Appear to Still Be Together Today

Although the reality stars were facing some uncertainty regarding their future, it looks like they’ve been able to overcome some of those obstacles, judging by their Instagram pages. Tania and Syngin both frequently post about each other on social media, where they gush about their travels and reminisce about their relationship.

“One of my favorite pictures I still have of us,” Syngin captioned a June throwback photo of the two together. “Back in 2018 when me and @tania.maduro stayed in Capetown South Africa and we took a short bus ride to @campsbaybeach and thats tabel mountain from the back side and the 12 apostles mountain range right behind me.. its a beautiful place to be.”

Tania also posted a photo of the two on July 7 where she joked about matching with Syngin when they went out to a restaurant. The reality star wrote, “We also matched by accident and I couldn’t have been more disgustingly cheesy happy about it,” so it looks like Tania and Syngin are still together today and working toward a future that works for both of them. 

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