‘Tough as Nails’ Contestant Tara Davis is a Mother of Four

Tara Davis Tough as Nails


CBS’s most recent venture into the reality TV scene is Tough as Nails, showcases everyday Americans who work on the frontline to keep America running.

Throughout each of the episodes, none of the contestants will be sent home and will instead continue to compete in team exercises throughout the season. At the end, only one contestant will be crowned the ultimate champion.

The winner of the season will win the grand prize of $200,000 and a Ford Super Duty Truck. One of the contestants on the show is Tara Davis, who is an ironworker and mother of four.

Tara Davis is an Ironworker From Washington & a Mother of Four

Tara Davis is from Elk Plain, Washington and describes herself as motherly, hardworking and determined. She’s 30 years old and works as an ironworker.

In her Instagram biography, Davis describes herself as a “Mother of 4; 1 with Autism. Ironworker. Ironworker Wife.”

According to her cast biography, she is competing for her local, her brother and sister ironworkers and for her family. She also said she would like to give back to her local ironworkers since they helped her so much.

“I want to make my family proud of who I’ve become and to show my kids you can do anything you set your mind to,” she told CBS.

Davis describes herself as “a product of crime and addiction… an outcome of a broken home… an overcomer” who has “broken the addiction cycle” in a recent Instagram post.

She Got Married in Quarantine

According to her Instagram, she and her husband finally had a wedding ceremony, though they had to do it in a different way than they had planned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We promised you all for YEARS that for our 5 year anniversary we’d have a wedding, but COVID ruined our Hawaii AND Vegas Taco Bell plans,” she wrote. “Soooooo, we did some yard work and FINALLY had our ceremony, COVID style.”

She and her husband have four children, two sons and two daughters. She also co-parents her eldest daughter, Kelsey, with her previous partner.

She recently posted about Tough as Nails, writing that the show was an amazing opportunity and changed the lives of all 12 contestants.

“TOGETHER we ALL CAN inspire, motivate and change the WORLD,” she wrote in the post.

When asked what makes her tough as nails, she told CBS, “I have the heart to not give up even when my body hurts. It just makes me push harder. I’m a mother of four, one with special needs, which is a hard enough job as well, let alone working in iron.”

Tough as Nails airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday nights on CBS.

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