What Teddi Mellencamp Thinks of The Alleged Brandi & Denise Affair

Teddi Mellencamp

Getty Teddi Mellencamp in 2019

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp shared her thoughts about the alleged affair between Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards. During last week’s July 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville alleged to costars Mellencamp, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards that she and Denise Richards first made out in a bathroom while out to dinner. Then, Glanville alleged that Richards invited her to stay with her for two nights in an out-of-town home where Richards’s daughter and her daughter’s friend were also staying. Glanville also alleged that Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers have an open marriage.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Mellencamp is the one who brings up Glanville’s allegations during a cast dinner. “I’m not wanting to do that,” Mellencamp said to Entertainment Tonight, “It’s a struggle for me, but once you watch the entire episode, you will understand why it gets to that point. But I also need to be clear: once something is already filmed, it is out there.”

Mellencamp also noted why she thought Glanville was telling the truth in the scene where she confessed the affair to her and Richards. “I think if you actually watch while Brandi’s saying it, her hands are shaking. She’s a nervous wreck.” Mellencamp told Entertainment Tonight.

About Richards, Mellencamp said, “I think that if you can’t have real conversations, you can’t move on. If we can’t move on from the Aaron [Phypers] thing, if we can’t move on from this because you only will let a conversation be controlled in a certain way, that’s a problem.”

Mellencamp Shared How She Felt When She Heard The Allegations from Glanville

During the interview, Mellencamp shared how she felt when Glanville told her the details of the affair during the explosive episode. “I was there in the moment going, holy crap! One, this woman is telling me the truth, and two, she’s hurt,” Mellencamp told Entertainment Tonight, “That’s what sat with me. … This was a completely different side of her and I was like, I don’t think she’s bullsh**ting right now. I think she’s being honest.”

Mellencamp continued, “I started thinking, oh my gosh, this is on camera right now. Like, everything that she is saying is out there. So, no matter how this information is going to continue — whatever it is — it is now out there.”

Mellencamp Said ‘You Have to Be 100% Authentic’ To Be On The Show

Talking more about Richards in the interview, Mellencamp said that you have to be “100% authentic” to be on The Real Housewives. “If you’re not being 100 percent authentic to who you are and you’re trying to get the audience to see a certain portion of who you are, it always backfires in the group because we can feel it.” Mellencamp said to Entertainment Tonight.

About the affair and how it will play out during the rest of Season 10, Mellencamp promises, “There are some things that become completely evident. Even in that moment if I was on the fence, now knowing what I know, it would be impossible for me to be on the fence.”

Viewers will get to see the affair drama play out on the remainder of Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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