‘The 100’ Season 7 Episode 7 Ending Explained: Who’s the Man at the End?

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There was a shocking reveal at the end of The 100 Season 7 Episode tonight and it involved an old storyline from Season 4 involving someone named Bill Cadogan. Here’s an explanation for what that ending meant and a refresher on Bill Cadogan.

This article will have major spoilers for the Season 7 Episode 7 ending, so read on with caution. 

At the end, we see Anders approaching what looks like a cryogenic chamber. He puts his hand on the chamber after saying a short prayer and opens it.

Inside is a man who’s apparently been asleep for a long time. If you looked closely when he opened the cryo-chamber, you could see that it said: “William Cadogan.” He asks Anders to call him Bill.

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Cadogan then asks Anders if they cracked the code and if the war is over. He says no, but “we have a key.” Then they just stare at each other awkwardly for a moment before the episode ends. We learned earlier that Clarke is that key for some reason that hasn’t yet been explained.

So who is Bill Cadogan? He’s straight out of Season 4, which makes for wonderful continuity.

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Bill Cadogan founded the Second Dawn cult because he believed the world was going to end. We saw him in a video that Jaha showed to Clarke and Bellamy in the episode “The Four Horsemen.” In that video, he said that technology was going to be used against them.

Jaha also talked about Cadogan to Kane in the episode “The God Complex.”

It’s likely that the Second Dawn group were the ancestors of the Grounders. They were heavily featured in Season 4’s mythology. They had 12 levels to advance through, and you could only “achieve salvation” if you reached Level 12. However, there were also claims that rich people could unlock some of the seals just by paying millions.

Jaha discovered that Cadogan sold off most of the Second Dawn’s real estate during the two years before the nuclear bombs, and built a bunker under his childhood home. But this wasn’t the real bunker — it was a decoy bunker where lower-level followers fled to and ultimately died. The real bunker was located under Baltimore and later became Polis.

In fact, much of the Grounder’s mythology appears to be from the Second Dawn cult, The 100 Wiki notes. “From the ashes, we will rise” was a phrase that Cadogan would say and became part of a Grounder prayer. The phrase “Blood must have blood” and “your fight is over” also came from the Second Dawn.

Becca landed near that bunker in 2054. She offered them Nighblood serum, but Cadogan later would burn her at the stake. It’s not clear why.

The 100 5×10 | Becca pramheda burnt aliveThe 100 season 5 episode 10 After Madi has been possessed by the flame she sees the memories of the previous commanders and sees the fate of Becca Pramheda, She is burnt alive by Bill Cadogan, Hopefully we will find out why in the future. -=- Is it just me or is everybody else shook…2018-07-18T12:22:23Z

There’s a lot to learn still about Cadogan and the Second Dawn. So far, the prevailing theory is that Cadogan’s Second Dawn bunker had an anomaly stone in it and they came to Bardo via that stone to escape the destruction on Earth.

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