‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: Each Person’s Powers on Netflix vs Comics

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Now that The Umbrella Academy is back, you might want a quick refresher about each team member’s powers and how they compare to their powers in the comics. The show in Season 2 diverts quite a bit from the comics. This article has spoilers for the comics and only minor spoilers for Season 2 in terms of the opening scene that was released early. 

First, here’s the opening scene from Season 2 that Netflix released early. It gives you an idea of what each team member’s powers can be when fully accessed.

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Luther Has Super Strength


First, there’s Luther. His power is basically super strength (as Five describes in a later episode in Season 2.) An experimental serum given to him by Reginald basically turned his body into a gorilla body.  In the opening scene, it appears that if he accesses his full power, he has enough strength to almost look like he’s flying and he becomes practically impervious to fire.

In the comics, he’s known as Number One or Spaceboy. (They’re not really using numbers anymore on the second season.) In the comics, Luther appears to have enhanced speed, agility, and intelligence. These aren’t really presented in the TV series, and the Netflix series definitely doesn’t present him as being extra smart.

Diego Can ‘Bend’ the Trajectory of Objects He Throws


Diego (Number Two) can basically “bend” the trajectory of what he throws. But it appears in the opening scene of Season 2 that he can actually bend gravity and doesn’t have to have touched the object first when he fully accesses his power. We see him twisting in the air and seemingly bending bullets around him.

In the comics, he’s called Kraken, but that’s not relevant to the TV series. In the comics, Diego could hold his breath for a very long time, which was how he got the nickname. The TV series has left out that part of his power.

Allison Can Mentally Rumor People To Do Whatever She Wants, But Her Powers Go Beyond This


Allison (Number Three) can “rumor” anyone into doing whatever she wants by just saying, “I heard a rumor.” In the opening scene, she appears to have accessed that even more, being able to rumor multiple people at once without direct eye contact and even cause them to explode with just a word.

In the second series of the comics (called “Dallas”), her powers are similar to what we see in the TV series, but even stronger. One comic short revealed that she could even manifest another version of herself. The comics also revealed she could manifest a statue with her own voice. So there’s a lot of untapped potential for altering reality, if the TV show follows the comics.

Klaus Can Conjure the Dead


Klaus (Number Four) has the ability to conjure the dead and speak to them.This is overwhelming to him, which is why he stays high most of the time — it seems to dampen his skills. However, Ben (who is dead) is permanently conjured and always talking to him, which is likely because of how close they were. Near the end of the first Netflix season, Klaus unlocks new powers that he didn’t know he had, and realizes he can help ghosts become corporeal. In the opening scene of Season 2, he appears to have mastered this and can allow multiple ghosts to become corporeal simultaneously.

In the comics, Klaus had telekinesis, the ability to possess people, and levitation, which he doesn’t appear to have in the TV series. He’s known as “The Seance” in the comics.

Five Can Teleport through Space or Time


Five can teleport anywhere at will, and he can even move through time, although this skill is much tougher to manage. When he jumped forward in time the first time, it took him 50 years to figure out how to go back, and even then he got the calculations wrong.  He’s also very smart and is the best assassin that the Commission ever had.

The comics describe his space teleportation as “microjumps” in time, but the TV series seems to indicate that he can do both, and time jumping is far more dangerous. In the comic series, he said that the Commission (called the Temps Aeternalis in the comics) altered his DNA with strands of serial killers. This does not seem to be a storyline the TV series picks up.

Ben Can Turn Into a Powerful Monster


Ben (Number Six) had the ability to basically turn into an octopus-like monster. His powers in that opening scene of Season 2 seem pretty similar to what we saw in Season 1, except he’s managed to fully manifest himself into corporeal form.

The comics explain his power as “possessing” monsters from other dimensions that typically emerge in the form of tentacles from his torso. The TV series does not explain exactly what his power is; it simply appears to be turning into an octopus-like monster that is very powerful.

Vanya Is the Most Powerful of All


Finally, there’s Vanya. She now looks pretty much like a Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey level of power in that opening scene for Season 2. She can fly and she’s fully accessed her abilities, which are practically limitless. We saw what she could do in the Season 1 finale when she destroyed the moon.

She can tune into any sound and turn the vibration into a power that can essentially make pretty much anything happen, from slashing someone’s throat to destroying an entire building. When she’s playing the violin, she can use the violin as a focusing point. The medication she was on suppressed her powers for most of her life in Season 1.

In the comics, she’s known as “The White Violin” or Number 7. Her life takes a big turn at the end of the first comic series before the second series. In the comics, she’s paralyzed at the end of the first series.

It’s worth noting that in the comic series, Reginald Hargreeves’ inventions augment all his children’s powers. For example, he builds levitator belts that let them fly and a teleporting elevator (televator) that lets them move quickly from location to location.

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