Is ‘The Wrong Stepfather’ on Lifetime Based on a True Story?

The Wrong Stepfather True Story


Some films on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network are based on true stories, and The Wrong Stepfather falls into that category. The movie airs on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Network.

According to the synopsis for the movie, “High school Principal, Ellen, thinks things are improving for best friend/teacher, Karen, after meeting a new college advisor, the charming Craig Green.”

Something seems “off” about their relationship, though, as they get engaged and then “Karen’s daughter’s problems magically disappear. Suspicions slowly evolve into real fear when Karen thinks Craig might be the wrong stepfather for her daughter.”

Vivica A. Fox, Krist Allen, Corin Nemec and William McNamara star in the film.

‘The Wrong Stepfather Is Not Based on a True Story

THE WRONG STEPFATHER starring VIVICA A. FOX this FRIDAY night on LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK!Tune in this Friday night on LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK! Vivica A. Fox, Krista Allen, William McNamara and Corin Nemec in THE WRONG STEPFATHER!2020-07-28T23:40:26Z

Lifetime Movie Network’s The Wrong Stepfather is part of the Wrong series and is not based on a true story, according to producer and actor Vivica A. Fox. While they’re technically not based on a true story, they are based on the ideas of all the different dangers people face in the world.

Since The Wrong Roommate premiered back in 2016, there have been over a dozen movies released in the series including The Wrong Stepfather and The Wrong Wedding Planner, which were both released in 2020.

The films include a rotating cast and are not linked by plot. Instead, they are linked by the theme and the team behind them.

Each of the films in the Wrong franchise follow women whose lives are spinning out of control after meeting the wrong person. In the case of the newest film, that person is The Wrong Stepfather. 

The Movie Is Part of a Larger Franchise

Patrick Serrano, who hosts a podcast about Lifetime movies called Lifetime Uncorked, believes that the movies are worth watching because they’re campy and the viewer knows what to expect.

Generally in the films, the protagonist survives alongside the villain, leaving the ending open-ended for creepy scenarios moving forward. Someone else may later encounter The Wrong Stepfather. 

Vivica A. Fox has worked with Lifetime for years, previously starring in the 1-800-Missing series as well as Vivica’s Black Magic. When it comes to the Wrong franchise, though, Fox told Parade that the movies are a great way for viewers to escape their current realities.

“They’re good popcorn movies that you can just sit and watch and enjoy, and be like, ‘I know it’s kind of quirky but I love it,’” she said. “Remember back in the day when everybody used to love their romance novels? So, now we’re bringing those romance novels to film.”

The Wrong movies are all about paying attention to those in your life as well as watching who you let in the house and who your children are interacting with as well as the dangers of social media.

“People are disappearing and getting murdered,” Fox said. “We have to be careful in today’s society. We’re so quick to swipe things, order things, and allow strangers into our world. So, it’s a sexy, guilty pleasure with a little bit of message in there.”

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