The Titan Games: What We Know About What Happens Behind the Scenes

The Titan Games


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s The Titan Games returned for season two on NBC in May and features six well-known Titans competing against everyday athletes in various endurance and strength competitions.

“This season of The Titan Games is going to be even bigger than last season,” host and executive producer Johnson said before the premiere. “We created an incredible new Titan arena with new insane challenges, and we’ve selected some of the fiercest competitors we’ve ever seen… All of the men and women are true athletes and competitors who give it their all in the Titan arena.”

By the time the season ends, one man and one woman will emerge as Titan Champion and get the grand prize of $100,000.

Fans may be wondering how much of the show is accurate and how much rest time the athletes get in between the competitions. Read on for what we know about the time behind the scenes.

The Titan Games Season 2 Filmed in January 2020

According to Cinema BlendThe Titan Games filmed in early 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic caused the shutdown of Hollywood sets.

“Earlier this year, I was able to assemble an amazing group of frontline heroes,” Johnson said at the time. “Our doctors, our nurses, our veterans, our teachers, who just happen to be incredible athletes. All of this happened in January. We had no idea we’d end up here. We created an incredible Titan Games Season 2.”

They have also made sure that the show is just as taxing for each contestant. Before the show premiered, The Rock shot down comments that female competitors wouldn’t compete in the same events as their male counterparts.

How Much Time Do Contestants Rest Between Events?

It’s not immediately clear how much time contestants get between events and challenges, but it’s likely that it’s not much time at all. Contestants and The Rock have all said that The Titan Games is more about the endurance of the mind than it is about physical challenges.

After his second straight time as the Titan, contestant Noah Palicia talked with MEAWW about his time on The Titan Games. He said that the biggest lesson he learned while on set was that the show on TV is much different than the actual filming itself.

The Herculean pull, for example, lasted 13 minutes in real life and was cut down to about four minutes of airtime.

“The battle between my brother and me went on for about 13 grueling minutes,” he said. “We were hanging from that obstacle until complete exhaustion. Because you cannot see each other and can only make a strategic move based on feel, it was a game of listening to the audience to find the right time to strike.”

Basically, how The Titan Games works is that the athletes compete against that Titans, and if they are able to beat the Titan, they claim that title and must defend against future contestants. The regions’ champion then moves on to the Titans Championship to battle it out for the last time.

If there is rest time between events, it’s likely that the Titans are the ones with the most rest in between, as once they win their region, they have to wait for all the other regions to film before they are able to compete in the championship.

The Titan Games airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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