Tony Lopez & Elijah Daniel TikTok Feud Explained

Elijah Daniel

Instagram YouTube star Elijah Daniel started a hashtag with Tony Lopez's name after the social media influencer defended "straight" TikTok.

Social media influencer Elijah Daniel called out TikTok star Tony Lopez over different spaces on the platform. It started with Lopez questioning why people were “annoyed” by “straight” TikTok and the conversation continued the following day with Daniel starting a hashtag with Lopez’s name. The hashtag became one of the top-trending Twitter topics on July 10.

“TikTok has become so toxic, I just want everyone’s mental state to be okay, to my influencers I know it’s hard reading those comments but the best thing is to remember you have people who genuinely care about you,” Lopez tweeted on July 9. “Tiktok has changed our lives in so many different ways.”

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Mirror pics 😚

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“Please educate me what’s alt TikTok and straight TikTok? I genuinely don’t understand,” he added. “So for ‘straight TikTok’ is it that you guys are annoyed by the dances? Or because they have a high following and support system? Is it an envy thing? I don’t understand why people would hate individuals for having fun and dancing.”

Heavy reached out to Lopez but did not immediately hear back.

Why Daniel Took Issue with Lopez’s Tweets

Daniel, who calls himself the “leader of the cult of chaos” in his Twitter bio, told Heavy that “gay” and “alt” TikTok was a safe place for users who identified with the LGBT and alternative communities. Daniel took specific issue with Lopez, claiming his content and resurfaced tweets from before he was famous were oversexualized.

With the pile-on against Lopez growing, Daniel said he wasn’t concerned about online bullying. “I feel generally when anyone is called out their fans will say it’s bullying. I personally don’t have a problem with bullying bad people off platforms though,” he said.

His full statement has been shared below:

Personally, ‘gay’ and ‘alt’ TikTok have created a safe space for themselves and others like them, away from the toxic side. However, more recently large TikTokers have gotten mad they’re not a part of it, and have been trying to get in, in essence ruining the kids’ safe space within the app.

My issue lies within that, and also just the content Tony makes, overly sexualized content, knowing his audience is so young, at his age. That mixed with his content just being garbage, and all the old tweets resurfacing, we should just throw him away all together.

Lopez Seemingly Ignored the Chatter

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Late night swims 💦

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Though Lopez didn’t directly respond to the attacks by Daniel, he remained positive in his latest tweets.

“If you are reading this you are beautiful and can do whatever you want to do in life! Be happy and focus on your future!” he wrote. “Start now, you won’t regret it I promise.”

“Learn to put happiness first!” he added in another message. “Their judgment doesn’t define you I promise.”

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