‘Tough as Nails’: Meet the Contestants of the New Game Show

Tough As Nails Contestants

CBS Pictured (L-R): Myles V. Polk, Linda Goodridge, Lee Marshall, Michelle S. Kiddy, Luis Yuli, Melissa Burns, Kelly "Murph" Murphy, Danny Moody, Callie Cattell, Young An, Callie Cattell, and Linnett Key.

The newest CBS reality show, Tough As Nails, premieres tonight, July 8, 2020 at 8 p.m. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race. 

According to the press release, the show will showcase 12 everyday Americans who work on the frontline to keep America running. They will tackle real-life challenges that aim to test their endurance and their strength.

Throughout the episodes, no one will be sent home, but only one will be crowned the ultimate champion. Everyone will stay on to compete in team exercises.

So, who are these 12 everyday heroes that will be featured on Tough As Nails? Here’s what we know.

Young An

Young An is a 36-year-old firefighter. He is from Alexandria, Virginia and describes himself as goofy, laidback and adventurous.

Young An told CBS that he is competing for his family and the sacrifices that they have made for them to come to America to have a better life. He also said “I am also competing for all of the people that give me the ‘nod’ or ‘thumbs up.'”

If he wins, he will pay off his parents’ debt and their house and possibly send his father to Korea for vacation so he can see his family.

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns is a 27-year-old farmer from Milford Center, Ohio. Three words to describe her, according to her cast biography, are “Bubbly, hardworking” and “excited.”

She is competing for “everyone involved in the agriculture industry” as well as for her family and their future. She wants to show everyone “who is the toughest out there. No one is tougher than the American farmer!”

She also said that getting up every morning and putting in the work is what makes her tough as nails.

Callie Cattell

Contestant Callie Cattell is a fisherman from Bend, Oregon. She is 28 years old and describes herself as hilarious, determined and crazy.

She said she is competing for her father because without him, she would not get to be her. She also said if she wins she wants to buy her own fishing boat and become a captain like her father is.

Tara Davis

Tara Davis is a 30-year-old ironworker from Elk Plain, Washington. The mother of four’s three words that describe her, according to her cast biography, are motherly, hardworking and determined.

She is competing for her local ironworkers and family and wants to give back to them if she wins. She also said she wants to make her family proud of who she has become and show her kids they can do anything they set their minds to.

Linda Goodridge

Linda Tough as Nails


Linda Goodridge is a 29-year-old deputy sheriff from Marion, New York. She’s competing for her family, boyfriend, herself and “every voice that struggles to be heard amidst the struggles and trials they face as they try to work hard and make a living.”

She said that if she wins, it will “let the world know that honesty, integrity, hard work, faith, morals, and being true to you will win against any struggle. Perseverance is key.”

The three words she used to describe herself were integrity, loyal and adventurous.

Linnett Key

Linnett Key is a welder and fabricator from Lecanto, Florida. She is 34 years old and describes herself as passionate, resilient and motivated.

Key is a single mother of four working two jobs to make ends meet. She told CBS she wants to win because, “I want to change my family’s financial means which will eventually lead to me being able to help
others push to succeed in life.”

Michelle S. Kiddy

Michelle S. Kiddy Tough as Nails


Competitor Michelle S. Kiddy is a gate agent from Alexandria, Kentucky. She describes herself as gutsy, energetic and high-spirited. She said she is competing for herself but also for others.

“I said originally for me, but actually for older women who have always hit the wall,” she said in her cast biography. “I was a teacher for 15 years and had a tough time getting work. My salary was high and people fear quitters or retirement. I have so much to give and my work ethic is so much better than young applicants.”

Lee Marshall

Lee Marshal Tough as Nails


Lee Marshall is a roofer from St. Louis, and he is 61 years old. He describes himself as tall, tough and smart and wants to win for his family, friends and coworkers.

According to his cast biography, he works from sun up to sun down every day and says what makes him tough as nails is that he doesn’t make excuses.

Danny Moody

Danny Moody is a 33-year-old drywaller from Spokane, Washington who describes himself as competitive, confident and outgoing.

When asked who he is competing for, he said, “My wife, kids, my parents, and I’ve got to represent the drywall world as well!” He said he would like to win for the title and the money.

Kelly “Murph” Murphy

Kelly “Murph” Murphy is a Marine Corps Veteran who is 47 years old. He’s from Paragon, Indiana and describes himself as quiet, determined and dedicated.

He said he is competing for himself and wants to win to prove to himself he can still get the job done like he was able to on active duty. He said his experience as a U.S. Marine is what makes him tough as nails.

Myles V. Polk

Myles V. Polk is a 28-year-old forestry tech from Tuskegee, Alabama. According to his cast biography, he describes himself as humorous, adventurous and creative.

He wants to win the competition to give his family the “financial resources they need to free themselves of debt, attain their goals and dreams, and leave something for future generations.” He said he also wants to be able to give his girlfriend a nice ring and the “beautiful wedding she dreams of.”

Luis Yuli

Competitor Luis Yuli is a 35-year-old Scaffolder from The Bronx, New York who describes himself as determined, strong-minded and motivated.

According to his cast biography, Yuli is competing in the show for himself and his family and he wants to show his children as well as the younger generation in his neighborhood that anything is possible.

“My son sees me as a superhero and I would love to make him proud,” he said.

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