Erik Anderson, Tracy Tutor’s New Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tracy Tutor MDLLA boyfriend

Instagram/@tracytutor Tracy Tutor of MDLLA and new boyfriend Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson is a personal trainer in Los Angeles and he has been dating Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agent Tracy Tutor. Tutor disclosed in early July 2020 that she had a new man in her life during an interview on Watch What Happens Live and explained the relationship intensified during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Fans and critics have commented on social media about the age gap between Tutor and Anderson. Anderson is two decades younger than the successful real estate agent.

Tutor was previously married to Jason Maltas, with whom she has two daughters. Tutor filed for divorce in 2018 after 13 years of marriage.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Anderson Started Created Customized Workouts as a Teenager & Began His Athletic Training Career in New York City

Anderson grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He graduated from Palo Alto High School in 2013, according to the school’s sports magazine, which published a feature on Anderson in May 2020.

Anderson played football and was on the wrestling team in high school. He told The Viking that this was where his interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding began, due to the hours spent in the weight room for team sports. Anderson said he started creating customized workouts for himself and relied on YouTube fitness videos for inspiration.

After graduating from high school, Anderson went on to Claremont McKenna College. He studied abroad in Vienna for a semester and met Austrian bodybuilder Onome Egger. Anderson said after completing college, he moved to New York City with the intention of helping to promote Egger’s career. However, this plan fell through when Egger was not approved for a green card.

Since Anderson had already secured an apartment in New York, he decided to stay. He got a job as a trainer at Equinox Printing House in Manhattan.

2. Anderson Helped to Launch The Dogpound In Los Angeles Before Venturing Out On His Own

Anderson’s second move in his athletic training career was to The Dogpound. The gym is popular among Victoria’s Secret models and actors like Hugh Jackman, CNBC reported.

Anderson explained to The Viking that the gym has a “super crazy environment” and that the workouts are among the hardest he has ever experienced. According to his LinkedIn profile, Anderson started working at Dogpound in December 2017.

When the gym expanded to Los Angeles, Anderson was chosen to help launch the brand on the west coast as one of the founding trainers. His clients have included singers Adam Levine, Justin Bieber and model Daisy Keech.

Anderson decided to venture out on his own amid the coronavirus pandemic. He now trains clients as an independent trainer. He is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Anderson is also a brand ambassador for EBOOST, a company that sells products including energy drinks and workout supplements.

3. Anderson Majored In Economics & Worked as a Social Media Manager During College

Erik Anderson

LinkedInErik Anderson

Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Claremont McKenna College. Based on his internships and work experiences during college, Anderson appeared bound for a career in marketing or sales.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Anderson was the head of social media operations at a company called Economix101 as a student. He explained on his account that Economix101 was an “E-learning platform with the objective of educating millennials about investing in a complex marketplace.” He said he “developed important finance and investment skills” during his tenure promoting the site on social media.

Anderson followed that experience with summer internships at UserTesting. In 2015, his internship focused on account management and client retention. The following summer, Anderson worked in the sales department.

On his brand ambassador page for EBOOST, Anderson commented on his shift to the fitness industry: “With a degree in economics, I had a lot of pressure from my circle to take a job in finance or tech after graduation. However, my vision was to spread my love of fitness to others and I moved across the country to ‘figure it out.'”

4. Anderson Won a National Rugby Championship in College

Anderson was on the rugby team at Claremont McKenna College. During his senior year in 2017, the team won a national championship through the National Small College Rugby Organization. The team had come in second place in 2016 and it was the club’s second national title in a decade.

Anderson is the son of Jim and Theresa Anderson, according to his Facebook page. Anderson’s parents moved to Palo Alto from Bedford, Indiana. His father is a real estate attorney and his mother previously worked at the software company Intuit. Anderson also has an older brother named Miles.

5. Anderson Has Been Training Tutor Since at Least February 2020 & They Went On Vacation to Mexico Before COVID-19 Restrictions Were Put In Place

Million Dollar Listing fans were alerted to Tutor’s new relationship in early July 2020. She appeared on Watch What Happens Live on July 7 and when asked about her dating life, Tutor responded, “I’m happy. I’m seeing somebody, and it’s going fabulously.” Her fellow MDLLA castmate James Harris remarked that Tutor’s skin was glowing, leading host Andy Cohen to jokingly ask whether Tutor was dating a dermatologist. Tutor replied, “Or my trainer.”

Three days after that interview, Tutor shared a clip of Anderson kissing her on the cheek on Instagram. She followed that up two days later with photos she and Anderson took at San Ysidro Ranch.

But Anderson and Tutor were not hiding their relationship prior to July 2020. Anderson actually shared a picture from their trip to Mexico on June 16 to promote Tutor on MDLLA. He wrote in the caption, “Watch this nugget be a boss lady on Bravo @ 9pm.”

Based on Tutor’s Instagram posts, she has been training with Anderson since at least February 2020. She first tagged Anderson in a workout video on February 11. The couple has not shared exactly when their relationship became romantic, but Tutor dropped a significant clue during an interview on SiriusXM Radio “Reality Checked.”

Tutor explained that she and Anderson traveled to Mexico together and that by the time they returned to California, state officials had implemented lockdown regulations. California’s stay-at-home order went into effect on March 19, 2020. Tutor said the relationship “got pretty intense during this lockdown” and that she and Anderson decided to weather it together. She described the spring months to living “in a bubble” and that they were enjoying the quality time together.

Tutor also said she and Anderson both believed they had COVID-19 early on but did not know it. She said they did not have access to a coronavirus test and assumed they had the flu. Weeks later, Tutor said they both took antibody tests and tested positive.

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