WATCH: Trisha Paytas Slams Tati Westbrook as ‘Dumb as Hell’

Trisha Paytas

YouTube/Trisha Paytas YouTube star Trisha Paytas slammed Tati Westbrook in her response to the beauty vlogger's "Breaking my Silence" video on June 30.

YouTube star Trisha Paytas slammed Tati Westbrook in her response to the beauty vlogger’s “Breaking my Silence” video on June 30. Westbrook claimed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star–who are in hot water for past racist behavior–forced her to make the infamous “Bye Sister” video from last year, where she accused fellow YouTube star James Charles of being a sexual predator–something the beauty guru denied.

In a video titled “Tati Dumb as Hell,” Paytas argued it was convenient for Westbook to break her silence about the YouTube drama when she’s remained silent about the Black Lives Matter movement and Star and Dawson are already facing backlash. She started out the video by saying she wasn’t defending the past actions of Dawson or Star.

Tati dumb as helljusticeforbreonna.org2020-07-01T01:21:31Z

“Two things I’m going to say for the record right off the bat: I don’t defend Shane‘s underage jokes and racist jokes. He’s my friend, I won’t turn my back on him, I love him, I don’t support those things, wasn’t involved in this beauty community drama, looking at it from the outside,” she said. “And two, this has nothing to do with my friendship with Jeffree Star.”

Paytas Questioned Why Westbook Apologized Now, More Than a Year After Releasing ‘Bye Sister’

Paytas claimed it wasn’t fair to blame Dawson and Star. “You’re a grown-ass woman. You’re probably damn near 40. You can make that decision yourself,” the YouTuber argued. “And why now are you deciding to speak up? Because it’s cool to hate Shane and Jeffree?”

Paytas took issue with Westbrook stopping to cry in the video, suggesting it would make more sense to cry over Breyonna Taylor, the Black emergency medical technician who killed by police officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department on March 13, 2020. The three police officers involved in the incident have not been arrested, and only one of them was fired.

“You mention your charity, how about mentioning the Black Lives Matter movement? Because when all that was happening you were silent. You were the only person online who didn’t say a f***ing thing. I wonder why.”

“The fact that she’s crying over this stuff, when, literally, still to this day, there’s no justice for Breyonna Taylor and other Black people who have lost their lives,” Paytas said. “But yet she’s crying over hair vitamins, her friendship with Jeffrey and how she thinks Shane and Jeffrey bullied her into this video.”

Westbrook Said Charles Wanted to Appear in the ‘Breaking My Silence’ Video

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In her 40-minute video, Westbrook read from a script where she said there were certain facts she had to hold back at her lawyer’s request. She claimed she apologized to Charles in private, but wanted to publicly apologize to him again.

Westbrook claimed her reputation has been poisoned since posting the video and that she was afraid for her life. “I felt that I was a liability to them and that I knew too much, so I put all my text messages and other files on a hard drive and told a few people that I was afraid for my life and had given everything to my lawyers,” she said.

The beauty guru said she didn’t realize she was “gaslit” by Dawson and Star until she met up with Charles in December. “Make no mistake, this is far from over,” she said. “I’ve been terrified for a very long time. So much so that I had to relocate again two months ago.”

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