What Happened to Jimmy on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Episode 3? [PHOTOS]

Jimmy on Yellowstone

Paramount Jimmy on Yellowstone

Many fans are beside themselves wondering exactly what happened to Jimmy on Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3, which aired on Sunday night, July 5. In fact, fans are probably going to be debating this major episode for quite some time. Read on to find an analysis along with some photos showing that scene.

This article has MAJOR spoilers for Season 3 Episode 3. 

There’s Probably Going to be a Twist with Jimmy Next Week

Much of tonight’s episode centered around the story of Jimmy. He’s grown a lot since he was first introduced on the show. And although people still think of him as being pretty clumsy and he’s still made fun of a lot, he’s actually matured quite a bit and is coming into his own.

Now he’s taken up the rodeo and he had a big competition on Yellowstone tonight. Everyone joined in to support him, which was really nice to see. They gathered around him and came out to the rodeo to cheer him on. Even John Dutton and the entire Dutton family came out to Jimmy’s rodeo. It was truly heartwarming.

Then, Jimmy made a love connection. There’s a woman at the rodeo named Mia who really likes him. She convinced him to ask her out on a date, and they set that up to happen sometime after the rodeo. Jimmy’s luck seemed to be turning.


To be honest, with so much going for him, I should’ve guessed that something pretty major was going to happen. This is Yellowstone, after all, and Jimmy is known for having a string of pretty bad luck.

But still, they caught me by surprise as I was riding the wave of things-going-well-for-Jimmy. He was in a major accident while competing in the rodeo. Fans are now thinking that he might have even died. Poor Jimmy didn’t even last a minute on his horse. Maybe he was distracted by Mia and didn’t quite have his full attention on the competition. Maybe it was just bad luck.

Here are two photos from that crazy scene after he was knocked off the horse.



He’s clearly unconscious. He’s clearly not moving. But I don’t think Jimmy died. I know a lot of people are searching online to see if he died. It’s the top breakout term after the episode ended.


But I’m pretty sure that Jimmy does not die. Just watch that scene. They’re not trying to do CPR on him, so that means he’s still breathing. If he had died, someone would be trying to restart his heart and doing compressions.

No, instead they’re being very careful about his neck. They’re getting ready to transport him to the hospital.

It’s possible that Jimmy will be in a coma. He might be barely hanging onto life in the next episode. It’s also possible that it will be something far direr. I’m scared that they are going to have Jimmy paralyzed. He could be seriously injured and need rehab, or he might end up paralyzed and dealing with the fallout of his accident for the rest of the season.

If nothing else, I think he’s going to have some kind of injury that prevents him from riding horses again. They were very careful in the preview for next week not to show any scenes with Jimmy.

But it could be worse, and they might end up having Jimmy be paralyzed from the accident.

We’ll find out next week. But it seems pretty apparent that he’s not dead. Remember the episode that ended with John Dutton passing out? We were all worried that he died too, but he didn’t. Usually when someone dies on this show, they’re pretty clear about it in the episode itself.

I think Jimmy’s OK, but I think he’s going to have some pretty major injuries that play out in future episodes.

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