Who Died on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Episode 3?


Tonight Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 3 aired, and it ended on a crazy cliffhanger. There have been a number of deaths on the show, but tonight there was one big question about a really big character. Here’s who died and what we know so far.

This article has major spoilers for Season 3 Episode 3. 

There Was a Major Cliffhanger Tonight

Last week, we saw one of Jaime’s agents take matters into his own hands when he drove two men in the back of a trailer so erratically that they ended up dying. His crime and Jaime’s attempt at covering it up were part of a major storyline tonight.

But that wasn’t the possible death that fans are wondering about.

Jimmy had his very first qualifying rodeo today and he had a lot of character growth. He’s chasing his dream, he found a new love interest, and everyone on the Dutton Ranch is coming out to support him.

But during his rodeo, Jimmy ran into a big issue. He had a major accident and things did not end well.

Here are some photos of those last scenes.



I don’t think Jimmy is dead. At least, it doesn’t look like he was dead at the time of this scene. First, no one is doing CPR to try to revive him. If he wasn’t breathing, they would be doing that rather than trying to carefully move him. He’s obviously unconscious and hurt really badly. But I don’t think he’s dead.

The bigger issue I think is that Jimmy might end up paralyzed. The paramedics are being very careful with his neck, as they should be.

But all signs are pointing to Jimmy possibly injuring his spinal cord, rather than Jimmy possibly being dead. I think that’s the real issue we’re going to be dealing with in future episodes. And if I’m right, that’s going to be heartbreaking to watch.

Fans don’t want Jimmy to die. They’re really hoping he’s going to be OK. Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I don’t think I can wait 6 days, 23 hours to find out if Jimmy will be okay. Dang you, Yellowstone!” 

Another person wrote: “And Jimmy has to be ok. Bless his heart.”

Some aren’t happy with the character growth and then being blindsided with the accident.

One person wrote: “Great writing, except for buckle boy. Cmon guys, you get jimmy a girlfriend and then?”

Another person wrote: “I hope Jimmy doesn’t die. He’s a great part of the show.” 

And some fans are just sad about the whole thing.

We’ve seen a lot of heartache and a lot of death on Yellowstone. But I’m willing to bet that Jimmy is not going to be counted among those deaths. However, we could still be facing a pretty major storyline involving him, so you might want to get your heart ready for that. Maybe we’ll be lucky and instead, we’ll be treated to Mia coming to visit him in the hospital and a sweet love story. Let’s root for that.

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