Here’s What that Ad for 4% Cocaine Is Really Selling cocaine ad

Facebook cocaine ad is known for its unique ads on Facebook, but a new ad is really starting to raise some eyebrows. It looks like is now selling drugs — more specifically, a bottle of 4% cocaine. In the past, was more subtle about selling what appeared to be drugs. But now a new ad is literally advertising cocaine. But there’s a catch. Visting the product page reveals that is actually selling something else.

The Ad Looks Like Is Selling Bottles of Cheap Cocaine

Here’s what the ad looks like: cocaine ad cocaine ad appears to be selling 4% cocaine for $18. It says the cocaine is made by Roxane Laboratories and it’s “not for ophthalmic use.” It’s also listed as being a “topical solution.”

So what’s going on? Is really selling cocaine?

The Ad Is Actually Selling a Tin Poster of a Cocaine Bottle

It turns out that it’s another one of those sneaky ads that trick you into thinking they’re selling one thing when it’s actually something else. is selling a tin poster of a cocaine bottle. It’s not even a vintage bottle, it’s just a poster of a bottle. And now the price has gone up to $22 (but it’s regularly $40.) It’s sold by “wreddt fashion store” (a store that has 4.3 stars on Wish out of 448 reviews.) Here’s what the ad looks like:

It even comes in two sizes: 15 cm by 30 cm or 20 cm by 30 cm.

The description for the ad explains that this is a metal poster in a quadrilateral shape. The features listed by the ad include the following. (Note: This is quoted directly, including the grammatical errors in the ad.)

1. Decor metal painting is essential for bar, coffee, house,cafe, living room, pub, coffee house, garage,man cave all kinds of individual character places or home decoration.
2. Style: originality, creativity, simplicity, fashion and unique features.
3. Made of Iron metal. For decoration purpose The use of high quality tin, winding safety.
4. The most advanced production and printing technology.
5. It can be placed on the table, next to the bed, or on the wall.
6. An ideal gift for a friend.or hang on the wall
7. ideal for bar,cafe, house, dining room,billiard house,hotel,club, all kinds of individual character places or home decoration

The ad goes on to note that the painting isn’t really rusty, but it’s the iron brand itself that appears rusty.

So far the product itself only has 3 reviews and it has a 3-out-of-5 star rating. One reviewer, Lionel, sent in a photo of the product:

If you click on “related items,” you get all sorts of suggestions, including some items that look exactly like drugs.

As an interesting note, medical-grade cocaine actually exists. It’s sometimes used as a topical anesthetic and vasoconstricting agent, especially in procedures that involve the upper respiratory tract, Very Well Mind reported.

This is the first time an item has been labeled as being cocaine, but it’s not the first time people have thought Wish was selling drugs. Ten months ago, this ad was shared on Reddit.

And then there was this ad two years ago.

So there have definitely been times when Wish really looked like it was selling drugs. But this new ad is appearing everywhere on Facebook and a lot of people are tweeting about seeing it.

It seems like this ad is really making the rounds on Facebook and we haven’t seen the last of it.

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