Who Made it Through & Who Got Redemption on World of Dance Tonight? (Spoilers)

World of Dance Eliminated

Trae Patton/NBC Pictured: (l-r) Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, tWITCH

Tonight was the last of the Duel rounds on World of Danceand that means we finally know which of the contestants made it through to the next round. Two of those performers not immediately chosen by the judges competed for redemption as determined by the guest judge tWitch.

Going into tonight’s episode, the Upper Division was already wrapped up for the duel round, leaving the younger competitors to compete for their chance to move on. The sneak peeks that were released prior to the episode tonight proves that the competition will be intense.

Guest judge tWitch chose from eliminated acts to see who would compete for redemption, but the decision of which contestants get back into the competition was ultimately left up to judges Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

Warning: Spoilers for this season through tonight’s episode of World of Dance follow. 

If you don’t want the full recap, scroll down to the end of the post to see who will be performing in the next round.

Which Acts Dueled on Tonight’s Episode? (Live Recap)

The episode opened with the judges talking about how this would be the last of the duels episodes. JLo in particular was excited for the passion that kids could bring to the show.

First up was Bailey and Kida versus James and Harris. JLo said that Bailey and Kida needed more chemistry, and she believed that James and Harris already had the most chemistry of all of the dancers in the younger division.

Bailey and Kida danced to “Isis” by Joyner Lucas, and the judges were impressed from the start. Their precise movements really stunned the crowd and guest judge tWitch as well, with the judges telling them that their performance was “sick” and “executed to perfection.”

James and Harris performed to “Let Me Go” by NF They showed off their impeccable chemistry and were just as precise as Bailey and Kida. The judges liked the facial expressions and the way the guys complement each other. Ne-Yo’s problem was that they were not “dancing as strong as they are,” but Derek disagreed completely.

Going through from the first duel was Bailey and Kida. That means that James and Harris have a chance to be chosen for redemption by tWitch later on in the night.

Next up was Keagan Capps versus Maddy Penney. Maddy Penney went first, performing her contemporary dance dressed in a pink outfit, and the judges seemed to enjoy it enough, though they weren’t as excited as they had been for the previous performers. JLo told her it was a “beautiful routine” but said that it fell a “little bit short.” The other judges seemed to agree with that.

Keagan Capps was up next, and she started her performance already contorted to what looked like an uncomfortable position. She made it look natural, though, and the judges were immediately impressed. After the performance, the judges told her that the performance was “emotional” and praised her facial expressions.

Going through in that round was Keagan Capps after a unanimous decision from the judges.

Who Got Redemption on ‘World of Dance’?

Guest judge tWitch went backstage to decide who should be given a shot at redemption, and he ultimately decided on James and Harris as well as The Young Cast. The Young Cast was up first, and the judges enjoyed their performance but didn’t say much, wanting to see the other half of the duel before commenting much.

Next up, James and Harris took the stage to dance to “Circles” by Post Malone. Ne-Yo told them they were “absolutely incredible dancers.” Ultimately, moving forward into the next round was The Young Cast by a unanimous decision.

Which Contestants Are Moving on From the Duel Rounds?

Since the upper division was already wrapped up for the duel rounds and half of the junior division has competed, we know quite a bit about which acts will be moving forward for the rest of the season.

Upper Division:

  • Jefferson y Adrianita
  • UPeepz
  • Kurtis Sprung
  • Geometrie Variable
  • Jake and Chau
  • Oxygen (Won Redemption)

Junior Division:

  • Savannah Manzel
  • MDC 3
  • Bailey and Kida
  • Keagan Capps
  • The Young Cast

World of Dance airs immediately following America’s Got Talent on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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