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NBC The live shows for "America's Got Talent" season 15 begin on August 10, and viewers will get to vote for and save their favorites using the AGT app.

The live shows for America’s Got Talent season 15 begin with the quarterfinals on August 10, which means viewers watching at home will finally be able to vote for which acts to keep in the competition. If you are interested in having a say in who stays and who goes, you will need to download the special AGT app, which is what fans will use to vote each week for the rest of the season.

Here’s what you need to know about downloading and using the America’s Got Talent app as you watch the live shows:

Viewers Can Vote for & Save Their Favorites Using the App & Their NBCUniversal Profile

Voting will be open when the live shows air each Tuesday, and that is when the fans at home will be able to vote for the acts they think deserve to stay in the competition. Each Wednesday, the results from the previous night will be revealed and viewers will learn which acts did not receive enough votes to advance to the next round. You can vote for your favorite acts during the live voting episodes using the app, when signed in to your NBCUniversal Profile.

If you do not have an NBCUniversal profile, you can register for one here.

To lock in your votes on the app, NBC explains, “When the voting window is open, click on the act(s) you want to vote for, move the slider or tap/click on +/- buttons to the desired number (up to 10) then select “submit votes”. You can change your votes anytime until the vote closes. At the end of the night’s voting window, your votes will be cast for the acts you selected.

You are also able to use the app to save acts up for elimination on results nights. To weigh in on who you think should get each week’s “Dunkin Save,” NBC says, “You can save your favorite act via the America’s Got Talent App or at during the save window of the ET/CT broadcast only!”

There Are 44 Contestants in the Quarterfinals & Viewers Votes Will Choose Who Advance

Since judge cuts were only given one episode this season and production was shifted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, production wanted to get the viewers at home extra involved in the decision-making process as the show gets closer and closer to choosing its season 15 winner each week. Rather than sending 36 acts to the quarterfinals, they advanced 44 acts — those 44 will be narrowed down each week based on the voters from the viewers watching at home.

Executive producer Jason Raff told People that this change was made as a result of the show’s altered production schedule and format, which resulted in only one condensed Judge Cut round airing for season 15. Raff said, “Because we’re being forced because of COVID to do less with the middle round, we felt that it would better to put more people through into the live shows that America could choose. We wanted to try and do as much as possible to give everybody as much of a chance as possible.” For the complete list of acts who made it into the quarterfinals, click here.

New episodes of America’s Got Talent season 15 air live on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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