AGT Contestant Alan Silva’s Brother Alfredo Competed as Deadly Games Act

Alan Silva AGT

NBC Week 3 of the "America's Got Talent" quarterfinal results aired on August 26.

Aerialist Alan Silva performs as a quarterfinalist in America’s Got Talent season 15 on August 25. Viewers last saw Silva perform a jaw-dropping and inspiring act during his AGT audition.

If his last name is familiar, it may be because his brother competed on America’s Got Talent in the past. His brother and sister-in-law, Alfredo and Anna Silva, are the duo behind the knife-throwing act “Deadly Games.”

Deadly Games Competed in ‘AGT’ Season 11 & ‘AGT: The Champions’

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Alfredo and Anna Silva competed on season 11 of America’s Got Talent under the stage name “Deadly Games;” they were eliminated in the semifinals. They returned to the reality talent competition’s stage for AGT: The Champions, and finished in the Top 12 after being placed in the bottom 7 of that finalist grouping.

The danger stunt duo is known among the AGT fandom for their death-defying, knife-throwing acts. While their act is quite different from Alan’s, both brothers’ performances require a commanding stage presence and confidence in the face of peril in order to execute flawlessly and, most importantly, safely.

After their first performance on AGT: The Champions season 2, Deadly Games earned the golden buzzer from judge Heidi Klum. Their memorable performance involved Alfredo throwing knives at Anna (which she dodged), shooting an apple off her head with a crossbow, and throwing knives while Anna rotated on a spinning frame. For the grand finale, he shot a crossbow that popped balloons positioned on Anna and the AGT judges’ heads.

According to Talent Recap, the real-life couple announced that they had split up after the AGT Champions finale. Anna also revealed that she was stepping away from life as a danger act performer.

According to The Sun, Alfredo returned as a contestant for the Got Talent franchise, competing in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champs in 2019. For that showing, however, he partnered not with Anna but with Aleksandra Kiedrowicz.

Silva’s Brother Alfredo Watched His ‘AGT’ Audition From the Audience

After his first AGT performance Silva revealed to the judges that his brother was in the audience watching his audition for moral support. Alfredo was not the only family member in attendance – Silva’s wife and their two children watched his act from the wings. His kids’ presence was especially significant to Silva, since it was the first time they were seeing their dad perform.

In an interview with Las Vegas Sun, he reflected on what having his family there for his audition meant to him, and how it contributed to his nerves. Silva said, “My goal is to perform with my heart and my soul for the audience but also, I’m competing, not just performing. I was nervous because … the stakes were high. And since that was the first time my kids were able to watch me perform live, that was the cherry on top on the nervous side for me.”

New episodes of America’s Got Talent season 15 air live on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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