Chef Chris Fischer: Where Has Amy Schumer’s Husband Worked?

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

Getty "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook" returns to Food Network for season 2 on August 17, featuring Schumer and her husband chef Chris Fischer.

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook returns to Food Network for season 2 on August 17 at 10/9c. The show features Schumer cooking alongside her husband, chef Chris Fischer, in the comfort of their own home kitchen.

The official synopsis for the season 2 premiere episode, entitled “Fresh, Not Frozen and Kids’ Menu,” reads, “Amy and Chris make frozen foods from scratch, including a Piña colada, pigs in a blanket, pot stickers, mozzarella sticks and potato skins; Chris teaches Amy how to make ricotta pancakes using broccoli; hiding veggies in couscous salad and meatballs.”

When it comes to not knowing how to cook (but wanting to learn), Schumer married the right man. Fischer has extensive professional experience as a restaurant chef and an impressive resumé within the culinary industry. Schumer’s comedy and Fischer’s cooking skill make them a great pair for the show, and it’s no surprise that their rapport earned the show’s first season an Emmy nomination.

Before season 2 of Amy Schumer Learns to Cook premieres, here’s what you need to know about Chris Fischer’s work as a chef:

Fischer Opened Beetlebung Farm Market in Martha’s Vineyard

Fischer took over his family farm in Martha’s Vineyard, Beetlebung Farm, and established it as a farm market. In 2017, he told Boston Magazine that he intended to build a restaurant on the property to serve breakfast and dinner in a communal space. He said, “After years of working for other people, my intuition is, ‘I’m doing this on my own terms.’ … You can create a destination restaurant anywhere.”

It seems that that vision was unfortunately short-lived. According to the Vineyard Gazette, Fischer and his family sold their farm in 2018 for $2.4 million.

Fischer wrote a James Beard Award-winning cookbook inspired by the family farm, entitled Beetlebung Farm Cookbook: A Year of Cooking on Martha’s Vineyard. In his cookbook, he reflected on his time on the family farm, writing, “I found it surprisingly easy to leave the field and have a meal prepared by sundown, because the ingredients here are so fine they are best almost left alone… I realized then what I had always instinctively known, that the food we grow, the fish we catch, the animals we hunt, and those we raise on grasses and flowers salted by the sea breeze are special because of this place.”

Fischer Worked Under Celebrity Chef Mario Batali Before Becoming Executive Chef at Beach Plum Inn

Fischer told BU Today that his culinary education included “a lot of traveling and a lot of eating.” Distractify reports that he worked at River Cafe in London and Alice Waters’ Rome Sustainable Food Project. His education also included working under big names in the culinary industry, including chef Mario Batali at Babbo in Manhattan.

According to HuffPost, after working in New York as a chef, Fischer returned to Martha’s Vineyard. He worked as the executive chef at Beach Plum Inn and also worked at The Covington Restaurant. Fischer and Schumer first met at Martha’s Vineyard.

New episodes of Amy Schumer Learns to Cook season 2 air on Monday nights at 10/9c on Food Network.

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