Below Deck Alum Blasts ‘Malicious’ Malia Over Hannah’s Firing

Malia White

Bravo/Instagram "Below Deck" alum Adrienne Gang blasted Boson Malia White as a "malicious little opportunistic scavenger" after former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was fired for having "drugs" on the mega yacht.

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang blasted Bosun Malia White as a “malicious little opportunistic scavenger” after former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was fired for having “drugs” on the mega yacht. Gang has been active on social media since the drug scandal erupted last week, where shes defended Ferrier. She continued to stand up for the Australian yachter, who’s now pregnant with her first child, while Monday’s episode was airing.

Gang started out her tweeting spree by attacking Captain Sandy Yawn. During the episode, Yawn opened the door while Ferrier was going to the bathroom, afraid that she would flush her pills. “Not buying what you are selling, Sandy. Stop saying ‘drugs’ like you didn’t know her situation prior,” she tweeted. “Just. Stop. ‘Fuck You’ is a super klassy, Captain.”

Ferrier was dismissed from her role as chief stew after White took pictures of her valium pills and CBD pen and texted it to Yawn. Both Yawn and White have vehemently argued they were just following maritime law and could have been reprimanded–or lost their licenses–if they didn’t report Ferrier. Viewers, along with Season 1 Below Deck star Gang, arent buying their defense.

After Ferrier was fired, Yawn chased after the yachter to say she cared about her and was upset that she had to let her go. Ferrier wasn’t buying Yawn’s excuse, which led the captain to take back everything she said to the former chief stew. As Ferrier gathered her things, Yawn summoned White to tell her they were going to start their new charter without a chief stew.

White confronted Ferrier about having valium and a CBD pen aboard, asking if she registered the items. The interaction triggered a sharp response from Gang. “Malia with your smug questions to Hannah… F*** all the way off you malicious little opportunistic scavenger,” she tweeted. “Your happiness is temporary and EVERYONE sees who you really are.”

With Ferrier gone, that meant it was up to Bugsy Drake and Jessica More to take care of the interior. Gang was rooting for them. “I genuinely want to see Bugsy pull off the rest of the season without a hitch. This is where we are,” the yachter wrote. “Jess and Bugs, fingers crossed you don’t piss off Malia.”

Ferrier Is Promoting Her New Podcast & Business

While Gang was active on social media during Monday’s episode, Ferrier took the opportunity to share that she started a new podcast. “Please follow @HannahsPodcast so we can stay in touch! The podcast is super interactive so I want you guys involved!! You are the best,” she tweeted. 

Just because she’s not going to be chief stew doesn’t mean she’s giving up on yachting. Ferrier has teamed up with Nastia Surmava to help people get into the yachting industry.

Sooooo – onwards and upwards!!! I am so excited to share with you guys that myself and @nastiasurmava have created a company to help you guys get into the yachting industry. Over the years I have received countless DM’s asking how to get into the industry and now we are here to teach you!! Click the link in my bio to sign up to our updates and I can’t wait to share more info with you soon!!

White Yawn Remained Silent

While White and Yawn have previously defended themselves, they didn’t say anything during or after Monday’s episode.

“If you want to hate me- hate me, but know the FACTS,” White previously wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of the policy on their contract. “I never said you CANT have medications – you just have to follow proper procedures that are in place to protect ALL crew members. The Captain of the vessel has the right to know who might be taking what & when!”

Not many people accepted White’s defense and Gang wasn’t the only one who’s upset with her. Fans started a petition to have the boson fired from Below Deck. After surpassing its original goal of 7,000 signatures, the new limit was set for 10,000.

The petition, created by Susie Jacobs, says fans were “furious” with the way White handled Ferrier’s panic attack, which occurred after her friend, Chef Kiko Lorran, was fired by Yawn.

Fans of Below Deck are furious with bosun Malia White for actions made against crew member Hannah Ferrier in the show’s most recent episodes. Malia’s insensitivity to a crew member’s mental illness has really sparked controversy among fans. Undermining Hannah’s anxiety attack in the cabin and reporting it back to captain Sandy as a “freak out” is extremely insulting to BD viewers who suffer from a mental illness.

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