Big Brother’s Daniele Donato & Dominic Briones Are Married With a Baby

Daniele Donato & Dominic Briones

Instagram Daniele Donato & Dominic Briones

Old school Big Brother fans will likely be excited about this one, Daniele Donato is back as an all-star for this summers Big Brother 22. This is Dani’s third time playing Big Brother — she was originally cast on 2007’s Big Brother 8 and then returned for 2011’s Big Brother 13. Notably, this will be the first time Dani is not playing the game with her father, season 8 winner Evel Dick.

After Dani entered the Big Brother house for her first season, she was shocked to find out that her estranged father would be joining the game as a twist. However, the two worked very well together, with Dani winning two Head of Households and five Vetos. They made it all the way to the final two, and as history has it, Evel Dick won the game with Dani only receiving two of the jury’s votes.

Dani returned four years later with Evel Dick to take part in the 13th season. After Evel Dick left at the start of the game for personal reasons, Dani was forced to play Big Brother for the first time without her father by her side.

Her season didn’t play out the way she hoped. Although Dani won two Head of Households, she was evicted, placing 8th overall.

Big Brother 13 wasn’t successful for Dani on a game level, but it was still life-changing. Dani met her future husband, Dominic Briones, when she played during her second season.

Dani & Dominic Got Married In January 2013

Dominic was a part of the cast for Big Brother 13, and during Dominic’s time in the house, he and Dani formed a friendship. The two worked together during the season, but Dominic was evicted early in the season, placing 11th overall.

The two started dating outside the house, and they married on January 19, 2013.

“Truth be told, I really didn’t like him at first,” Dani told People in an interview after their wedding. “I thought he was a little troublemaker. But we became friends, and although I didn’t like him like that, it just grew.”

She said, “After the [Big Brother 13] finale, we became inseparable. We got to know each other really well, and we fell in love!”

After their wedding, Dominic told People he had taken Dani to the St. Louis Zoo that summer. He said, “We both love penguins, because they mate for life, so I set up a behind-the-scenes tour without her knowing. One of the zoo workers brought out two little penguins. As we were playing with them, I turned and popped the question right there. She loved it!”

Dani made a reference to Dominic being her “penguin” when she posted an anniversary tribute on Instagram in January. She wrote: “7 years of being married to this guy. I can’t remember life before him. I love you @dominic.phillip thanks for being my penguin.”

Dani & Dominic Have One Daughter Together, Tennessee Autumn Briones

On August 20, 2018, Dani and Dominic had their daughter, Tennessee Autumn Briones. Three days later, Dani shared the news of her daughter’s birth on Instagram.

She wrote, “Tennessee Autumn Briones. August 20, 2018. 7lbs 6ounces of pure perfection. God is amazing and I couldn’t feel luckier than I do right now. The best birthday present anyone could ever ask for.”

Dani actively shares photos of Autumn on her Instagram page.

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