AGT Contestant Cristina Rae & Her Son Jeremiah Lived in Her Car

Cristina Rae

NBC AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Auditions 1" Episode 1501 -- Pictured: Cristina Rae

Singer and single mom Cristina Rae performs live in the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals on August 25. Rae last performed during the auditions, and her act earned judge Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows.

In addition to being a super talented singer and performer, Rae’s personal story touched viewers across the country. As a single mom of her 3-year-old son Jeremiah, Rae and her child were living in her car until she got her start as a singer.

As you continue to watch and root for Cristina Rae on AGT, here’s what you should know about the loving mom and her sweet son:

Rae Brought Jeremiah With Her When She Auditioned for ‘America’s Got Talent’

When Cristina Rae first took the stage to introduce herself to the judges before her audition, her young son Jeremiah followed her out. After watching his mom’s golden buzzer-earning performance in the wings with Terry Crews, he rushed onto the stage to celebrate with her as confetti rained down around them. It was a touhing moment, and true to Rae’s journey as both a mother and an artist.

After Rae’s golden buzzer performance aired on NBC, she celebrated the news on social media. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “PURE JOY!!! Mz. @heidiklum pushing the #goldenbuzzer not only has changed my life but my sons’ life too!!! I want to leave an amazing inheritance and a positive impactful #legacy to my little #prince @royal_jeremiah_ !!!! And #agt @agt has helped in making it so!!!!!”

Cristina Rae’s Bloc Agency talent bio speaks to the importance of her role as a single mother, and how she balances parenting Jeremiah with building her career as a singer. It reads, “I toured and danced my entire pregnancy and while most babies would wake up, my baby would fall asleep while I performed. I’ve been in rehearsals and shows with him asleep on my chest, with little ear protectors. He is always so happy. Jeremiah keeps me going and keeps me focused. He’s going to have everything I didn’t, consistent love being the #1 thing. My favorite saying would have to be, ‘I am a Queen, and I have to leave a legacy for my prince.'”

Rae’s Son Is Her Motivation to Fight for an ‘AGT’ Win

In addition to the massive fan base and attention earned by AGT contestants, the $1 million grand prize and a show in Las Vegas is on the line for Cristina Rae and her competitor acts. Rae has made it clear that the future she wants for not only herself but for Jeremiah is the driving force motivating her to push herself as far as she can go in the competition, in the hopes of winning it all.

In an interview with Metro, she reflected on how much their lives have already been impacted by her involvement in season 15 of AGT. She said, “Just the exposure I’ve already received so far is opening doors for myself and my son, and I’m sure I haven’t even hit a peak of what’s about to happen,” adding, “And now this is all happening I am realising I’ve never felt this much joy. I’ve never felt happiness like this. After watching the audition, I was putting my baby Jeremiah to bed and he just said, ‘I’m so happy, Mummy. You got the Golden Buzzer.’ He can feel the joy and he’s only three.”

‘This is his experience as much as it is mine. So if I have to work hard and be in front of a camera in front of millions of people, so that I can continue to hear “I’m so happy Mommy”, then it makes it worth it.’ ‘I won’t ever be alone in this because I am a mom. And I have him with me everywhere. I plan to just keep going and I’m just grateful to be able to keep going with him there with me.’

New episodes of America’s Got Talent season 15 air live on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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