Deport Tory Lanez Petition Reemerges After Megan Says He Shot Her

Megan Thee Stallion

Instagram A petition to deport rapper Tory Lanez reemerged after "WAP" star Megan Thee Stallion said he shot her on Instagram Live.

A petition to deport rapper Daystar Peterson, professionally known as Tory Lanez, reemerged after “WAP” star Megan Thee Stallion said he shot her on Instagram Live. The petition was first started last month when the incident first occurred, but regained momentum after the “Savage” star’s accusation. Nearly 20,000 people have signed, almost fulfilling its goal of 25,000 signatures.

The form is asking the Department of Homeland Security to send Lanez back to his native Canada. It also pokes fun at the rapper’s height.

Here’s what it says:

Deport Tory Lanez (Daystar Peterson) back to Canada and ban him from coming to America FOREVER. This little 5’3 man with a big ego has contributed nothing to the American Economy, and promotes violence and violence against women. Furthermore, he should be banned from the United States FOREVER for intentionally trying to harm Megan the Stallion. SEND HIM BACK TO CANADA ASAP!

In a July 28 update, nearly two weeks after the petition was started, the created thanked all the supporters. “Keep reposting and sharing. Let’s show @theestallion we got her back. The fact that ppl are trying to justify her being shot shows how much they think about the lives of black women,” the anonymous person wrote. “Justice for her and all other women going through domestic violence!”

After hearing Stallion’s side of the story on August 20, more than a month after the July 12 incident occurred in Hollywood Hills, netizens on Twitter started to ask for the petition so they could add their names to the list.

Stallion Said She Didn’t Tell Police What Happened Because She Was Scared

While many states in the U.S. have been protesting police brutality, Stallion said she was afraid when authorities showed up at the scene knowing there was a gun involved. Not only was she scared for herself, she was frightened for Lanez too.

“He not in jail because I didn’t tell the law what happened when it happened and I should have,” she said. “If you really want me to tell the truth I tried to save this n****. Even though he shot me, I tried to spare him. And y’all motherf***ers is not sparing me. That’s crazy.”

She eventually decided to speak out because the story was getting twisted and she accused Lanez of perpetuating rumors.

“Yes, this n***a Tory shot me,” she said in the video. “You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and sh*t. Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you dragging  it. You really f***ing dragging it.”

Stallion Denied Rumors They Were Fighting About Kylie Jenner

Megan Thee Stallion Admits #ToryLanez SHOT Her on IG Live (August 20, 2020)#megantheestallion is tired of y'all coming for her about #torylanez. Y'all better leave her alone . IG: kyraaz_ Snapchat:zhaneethugginn2020-08-21T02:06:58Z

One of the rumors Stallion dismantled was that she and Lanez were fighting over billionaire beauty mogul Kylie Jenner. It was alleged that Lanez was jealous about the amount of attention Lanez gave Jenner at ta party and then Stallion attacked him.

“Motherf***ers talking about I hit this n****. I never hit you. Motherf***ers like, ‘Oh she mad ’cause he was trying to f**k with Kylie’. No, I wasn’t. Like, you dry shot me. Like, everybody in the car – there’s only four motherf***ers in the car: me, you, my homegirl and your security.”

Lanez was arrested for felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He has not been charged with shooting Stallion and is not currently considered a suspect by the Los Angeles Police Department. The rapper has not issued a statement on the incident.

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