Who Erika Girardi Believes In Denise & Brandi RHOBH Drama

Erika Girardi

Getty Erika Girardi in 2019

Is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi on Team Brandi Glanville, or is she on Team Denise Richards?

It looks like Girardi is on Glanville’s side when it comes to the affair allegations. In an April 2020 interview with Hollywood Life, Girardi said, “I know Brandi through Yolanda [Hadid] and I know that Yolanda always thought Brandi was truthful and my interactions with Brandi have been very straightforward and I don’t think that she has a reason to say something this impactful if in fact it was not true. There’s no way she’s pulling it out of thin air. I’ll just tell you that.”

During this Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville alleged that she had an affair with Richards. On the July 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Glanville alleged to costars Teddi Mellencamp, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards that she and Denise Richards first made out in a bathroom while out to dinner. Then, Glanville alleged that Richards invited her to stay with her for two nights in an out-of-town home where Richards’s daughter and her daughter’s friend were also staying. Glanville also alleged that Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers have an open marriage. Richards has denied the claims.

Many Of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Are On Glanville’s Side

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It seems that more of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are taking Glanville’s side rather than Richards’. Few ladies have defended Richards throughout the drama, even bringing up the rumor during their cast dinner in Rome, Italy.

In a July 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mellencamp revealed why she thought that Glanville was telling the truth when she confessed the affair to her and Kyle Richards.  “I think if you actually watch while Brandi’s saying it, her hands are shaking. She’s a nervous wreck.” Mellencamp told Entertainment Tonight.

Richards’ former friend Lisa Rinna also seems to be taking Glanville’s side in all the drama. According to Us Weekly, Rinna shaded Richards after the taping of the Season 10 reunion on July 16, 2020. Rinna took to her Instagram stories on July 19, 2020, according to Us Weekly, and wrote “You have to be true to yourself and if you find out your friend of 20 years is a phony? Run.” Hours later, Rinna shared several definitions for the word “phony.”

Kyle Richards also believes Glanville. “In the past, I’ve seen Brandi be an a**hole. I’ve seen her have a temper and lash out, but I really don’t think that Brandi Glanville is a liar,” Richards told Us Weekly in May 2020.

Only A Few Ladies Have Tried To Stay Out Of The Drama

There are only a handful of castmembers who have tried their best to stay out of the Glanville vs. Richards drama. Dorit Kemsley is one of those castmembers. During an August 2020 interview with New York live, Kemsley stuck up for Richards and her husband. Kemsley shared, “I think he’s a great guy. I’ve never had an issue with him. [But] I’ve personally learned that it’s not a good idea for husbands to jump in and stand up for their wives. I understand the instinct of a husband that’s very supportive and protective of their wife. They want to come in and speak for them but we’re all strong, independent women. We can all handle ourselves.” During the interview, Kemsley also added that she “doesn’t believe” that Pyhpers is a bad guy.

Garcelle Beauvais has also had Richards’ back throughout the season. During a July 2020 interview with Access Hollywood. Beauvais said about Richards, “I mean, she’s been my friend for a long time. So how do you not stay loyal to a friend of yours? I don’t really know Brandi that well. So if I’m going to stand with someone, I’m going to stand with someone who is a friend of mine.”

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