Fire Malia White from Below Deck Petition Gets Fan Support

Malia White

Instagram A petition to fire Malia White from "Below Deck Mediterranean" picked up thousands of signatures after the boson exposed Hannah Ferrier.

A petition to fire Bosun Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean picked up thousands of signatures after the boson exposed Hannah Ferrier. The former chief stew was dismissed after White sent pictures of Ferrier’s medication to Captain Sandy Yawn.

The petition, started by Susie Jacobs, asked Bravo and the network’s head honcho Andy Cohen to dismiss White from the series. Two weeks after its creation, the page picked up support from nearly 7,000 people.

Jacobs wrote fans were “furious” about how “insensitive” White was toward Ferrier, who battles anxiety and takes valium to manage her mental health. “Undermining Hannah’s anxiety attack in the cabin and reporting it back to captain Sandy as a ‘freak out’ is extremely insulting to [Below Deck] viewers who suffer from a mental illness,” the petitioner wrote.

Jacobs cited more than fans’ furry, noting that White potentially broke the rules by leaking details about an upcoming episode to defend herself. “In breach of contract, Malia has taken to Instagram to explain what happens in future episodes regarding her and Hannah’s fight which leads to Malia sending a picture of Hannah’s medication to Sandy,” the petitioner wrote. “There should be consequences for Malia’s actions of revealing future episodes as well [as humiliating her coworker.”

Jacobs also accused White of using Ferrier’s mental illness as a way to get revenge.

Malia is using Instagram to expose Hannah’s personal struggles with no sentiment at all. She is constantly referring to Hannah’s medication as ‘being on drugs’ or ‘popping pills.’ She went through Hannah’s personal belongings to take pictures of her medication and sent them to the captain. Though we understand Maritime laws, it was clear Malia’s actions were done out of spite. She used someone’s mental illness as a revenge tactic to get her fired.

What Did White Say About Ferrier?

Before the August 10 episode aired–which showed White “finding” Ferrier’s pills and CBD pen–White posted and deleted a message where she defended her actions.

“If you want to hate me–hate me, but know the FACTS,” she said. “I never said you CANT have medications–you just have to follow proper procedures that are in place to protect ALL crew members.”

“I apologize if I didn’t go about reporting or handling the situation to the best of my ability but it was also a HUGE learning curve for me,” White continued. “Please understand this is my career and I take the rules very seriously.”

White’s Timing Made Some Fans Suspicious

The timing of White’s report, however, is what threw some fans off. Before she took photos of Ferrier’s pills and CBD pen, she and Ferrier had gotten into an argument about changing cabins. White wanted people to switch their rooms around so she could sleep with boyfriend Tom Checketts, who was hired to replace Lorran. The new arrangements didn’t work for Ferrier, who would have had to bunk with Second Stew Bugsy Drake–someone she’s struggled to get along with. White ran to Yawn, who decided everyone would switch so White and Checketts could be together. That’s when White claims she found Ferrier’s drugs and reported them to Yawn.

Jacobs accused White of throwing her co-workers “under the bus” for her own personal gain. “Malia does not make a decent leader and shouldn’t be represented as so on a television show,” the petitioner wrote to Bravo and Cohen. “Your viewers ask for you to find a leader who leads and doesn’t tear others down.”

Pete Hunziker Accuses White Of Doing Cocaine

In a twist, former deckhand Pete Hunziker accused White of using cocaine when they were off the ship. Hunziker was fired by Bravo in the beginning of the season for posting a racially insensitive meme on social media. The yachter said he doesn’t have a good relationship with Bravo, and he accused White of being a hypocrite.

“Honestly, let’s talk about Malia’s cocaine use off the boat? How’s that any better?” he wrote. “Hannah has a prescription, which she can handle from a licensed doctor and Malia chooses in her drug time to spend big money on dangerous shit sending it [straight] to her bosun captain brain.”

“I’m honestly loving watching this shit show unfold, and ashamed I ever put my name in the hat for this terrible network and awful people on both sides,” he continued. “Hollyweirdos. F*** Bravo and Below Deck. This is not a yachting show by any means!”

White, who has disabled comments on her Instagram page amid the backlash, denied the cocaine allegations. “Suddenly I have a cocaine problem I’ve never known about?” she wrote. “How convenient. #stayclassy.”

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