Geometrie Variable: Meet the ‘World of Dance’ Finalists

World of Dance Geometrie Variable


Tonight is the season finale of NBC’s reality dance competition World of Dance, and Geometrie Variable is one of four final acts competing for the grand prize.

The group consists of three members aged 29 to 31 and specializes in a unique style called Tutting. Their personal style combines popping and animation as well to create stunning moving shapes.

“Their first video went viral, amassing over 1 million views in its first 24 hours and 5 million views after only a week,” their NBC cast biography reads. “Following the initial video’s success, they added a third dancer and have since been releasing more videos that continue to go viral, proving their unique style resonates with audiences time and time again.”

They describe themselves differently on their Instagram, however.

“We are, poetry, connection, shapes, dancers, geometry, identity. That is who we are,” they wrote.

Read on to learn more about Geometrie Variable.

The Group Is Made Up of Three Dancers

Geometrie Variable is made up of three members: Kanon Ghetto-Style, Sadeck Waff Berrabah, and Ammar Benbouzid. Prior to World of Dance, the group consisted of four members and auditioned for America’s Got Talent but were eliminated in the audition round. Sadeck, however, previously competed on Arab’s Got Talent with another group called Very Bad Team, and they reached the finals.

Together, they create innovative dances and post them to their social media. On July 13, they and another dancer created a kaleidoscope effect using a mirror in what is a visually compelling performance.

Each of the dancers are from Montpellier and Lille, France, and they use their hometowns to inspire many of their dances. They have said that they are always looking for new Geometric shapes to create with their dances.

The Group Was Previously on ‘France’s Got Talent’

The group previously competed on France’s Got Talent where they received a standing ovation from the judges.

Their interesting dance style has proven to make them a strong contestant in World of Dance as well, and they continually receive praise from the judges. Their semi-final act really impressed the judges when they danced to “Tessellate” by Ellie Goulding.

“Okay, how did they just make this sexy? I don’t understand that,” Jennifer Lopez said during their semi-finals performance.

When they could finally announce that they would be on World of Dance, the group did so on Facebook.

“It was really hard to keep the secret, but that’s it, we can finally say, we are in the competition for season 4 of NBC’s World of Dance,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

At the time of writing, the best odds for winning is MDC 3 followed closely by Oxygen and then Jefferson y Adrianita, with Geometrie Variable being in last place when it comes to the odds.

World of Dance airs immediately following America’s Got Talent on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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