Jeff Palm, Sarah Cooper’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sarah Cooper husband

Instagram/@sarahcpr Sarah Cooper and husband Jeff Palm

Jeff Palm has been married to comedian Sarah Cooper since 2015. The New York-based couple met while working as software designers at Google.

Palm has remained at Google while Cooper focused on her burgeoning comedy career. She gained national recognition when she started posting videos of herself lip-synching to President Donald Trump’s speeches. In April, she mocked the president’s musings about whether ultraviolet light and disinfectants could help cure the coronavirus and the video went viral.

On August 12, Netflix announced that Cooper would star in her own comedy special called Everything’s Fine. The special is now scheduled to premiere on October 27, according to the Washington Post.

Palm showed support for his wife on social media when her Netflix deal was announced. He retweeted a headline about Cooper’s Netflix deal and shared Netflix’s tweet welcoming Cooper “to the family.”

Here’s what you need to know about Jeff Palm:

1. Jeff Palm & Sarah Cooper Got Married On a Beach in Puerto Rico

Palm and Cooper have been together since at least mid-2013. Cooper first shared a photo alongside Palm to her Instagram account in May of that year. Palm also shared in December 2013 that the couple had traveled to France together by posting a picture of Cooper at the River Seine.

They tied the knot in early 2015 and celebrated with two ceremonies. The first ceremony took place at La Concha Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on February 7. Cooper shared a photo from the wedding in February 2020 and wrote in the caption, “Happy 5 year anniversary to this absolute psychopath.”

According to Palm and Cooper’s wedding announcement in the New York Times, they had a second civil ceremony a few weeks later. They were legally married at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau on February 25. Palm posted a selfie of the two of them on the way to the courthouse that day, writing, “On the boos headed to get hitched.” He added that they were “doing it up classy.”

2. Palm Has Been Working as a Software Engineer For More Than 20 Years

Sarah Cooper husband Jeff Palm

LinkedInJeff Palm, comedian Sarah Cooper’s husband

Palm began working as a professional software engineer when he was still a college student. According to his LinkedIn profile, Palm’s first job was with PARC, a research and development subsidiary of Xerox. Palm wrote that he was a “developer on the programming language AspectJ — an Aspect-Oriented language implemented in Java.” The job was based in the San Francisco area.

As a graduate student, Palm interned at NASA and worked on a programming language during the four-month program. Palm went on to work as a software engineer at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, the digital file-sharing site LimeWire and the digital audio company Audible.

Palm started working for Google in 2012 and has been there ever since. He explained on LinkedIn that he currently works on Geo Data infrastructure. He previously worked on Google Docs, which Cooper was also involved with from 2011 until 2014.

3. Palm & Cooper Live In Brooklyn With Their Dog & Own a Condo in San Francisco

Palm and Cooper moved to San Francisco a few months before they got married. According to Cooper’s LinkedIn profile, she quit her job at Google when they relocated to the west coast and focused on her satirical blog called The Cooper Review.

Palm continued his work with Google at the San Francisco office. He shared a photo in November 2015 of the view from his seventh-floor office space.

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I hate him too Stella

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Cooper and Palm put down roots after they’d been on the west coast for one year. A search of online records shows the couple bought a 1,300 square foot loft in the Mission District of San Franciso in November 2015 for $1.2 million. The neighborhood is located only a couple of miles away from Google’s San Francisco office. According to property records on Redfin, Palm and Cooper listed the condo in July 2020 for $1.325 million but have since lowered the price to $1.29 million.

The couple has since moved back to New York City. Palm noted in his Instagram bio that he and Cooper live in Brooklyn with their dog Stella, who has her own social media account.

4. Palm, a New Orleans Native, Has an Advanced Degree in Computer Science

Palm grew up in New Orleans, according to his Instagram bio. When the married Cooper in 2015, the New York Times wedding announcement noted that his father, Clarence H. Palm, worked as an architect. At the time, the elder Palm was the director of specifications at Mathes Brierre Architecture in New Orleans. As of this writing, he was listed as a senior vice president at the firm. Palm’s mother, Susan, worked as a laboratory technologist at a hospital before she retired.

Palm has not lived in New Orleans since graduating from high school, according to his LinkedIn profile. Palm earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Florida in 2000. He also minored in math and graduated Magna cum laude.

Palm picked up a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003. From 2003 until 2006, Palm continued his education at Northeastern University. His LinkedIn profile notes that he completed Ph.D. work but did not finish a dissertation.

5. Cooper Has Joked About Palm in Her Comedy Routines

Cooper does not often post about her husband on social media. She predominantly uses her Instagram account to promote her comedy career. But their relationship is fair game when it comes to crafting jokes.

Cooper joked about Palm in a stand-up routine shared to YouTube in June. In the bit, Cooper had been discussing how even though she was born in Jamaica, she was the “least Jamaican one in the family” and doesn’t even like spicy food. Cooper also joked about her first name: “Sarah is like the Karen of our generation. She has moved in and gentrified my entire personality.”

As part of her routine, Cooper laughed about how “super white” Palm is and that is was no surprise to anyone who knew her that she ended up marrying a white man. She shared that Palm’s middle name is DeBlanc and that somewhere in his family tree, Palm had a relative who founded a white supremacist organization. Cooper remarked, “Yeah, so my husband has a lot of white guilt. I think it’s the main reason why he married me. It’s at least three-fifths of the reason why he married me.”

Cooper also talked about Palm when she appeared as the guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 11. She said Palm asked her out several times before she finally agreed to go on a date. Cooper said Palm won her over when he got tickets to see comedian Louis C.K. Cooper took a swing at the comedian in her next line: “And I couldn’t say no to that! No one can say no to Louis C.K., that’s kind of his whole brand.”

Palm doesn’t seem to mind the ribbing. He frequently shares clips of his wife’s work and shares articles relating to her comedy to his Twitter account.

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