Did Jimmy Live or Die on the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale?


Many fans are beside themselves wondering exactly what happened to Jimmy on the finale of Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 10, which aired on Sunday night, August 23. In fact, fans are probably going to be debating this major episode for quite some time, as it’ll be close to a year before we have a definitive answer. Did Jimmy live or die?

This article has major spoilers for the Season 3 finale. 

Jimmy’s Fate Was Left Uncertain

Unfortunately, Jimmy’s fate was left uncertain. He and Mia had a conversation that might be considered foreshadowing. He was branded by the ranch and Mia was not happy about that. She asked him to consider leaving the ranch, joining the rodeo circuit and making a life with her instead.

Jimmy said that both John Dutton and his doctor warned him not to ride in the rodeo anymore because of how badly he had just been injured. But Mia wanted him to try again, even arguing that if he were paralyzed, he could still be an amazing rodeo rider.

So Jimmy decided to try. But the wild horse he chose to try to ride bucked him off pretty quickly and he fell on the ground hard. Given the extent of his last injuries, his body might not have been ready to handle such a hard fall.


We’re left with Jimmy lying unconscious on the ground in an open field. It’s not clear if he’s alive or dead.

I think that Jimmy is the character whose life is most at risk when it comes to what will happen in Season 4. Despite what a fan favorite he is, he’s also the most “expendable” in terms of a dramatic death, especially now that Walker is back in the picture and working at the ranch again.

Rip saw vultures flying in the distance, and it looked like they were flying over an open field. Could they have been flying over where Jimmy fell?

Unfortunately, my guess is going to be that Jimmy either died in the finale or he is going to be paralyzed, like he and Mia had talked about in an earlier scene.

The show is very tight-lipped about what to expect, and Instagram posts of Season 4 filming released so far aren’t revealing any characters’ fate.

Jimmy’s Fate Was a Big Question Mark Earlier This Season Too

This isn’t the first time Jimmy’s fate has been in question this season. And if you’re looking for hope, I’d say look at how they left us questioning his fate at the end of Episode 3 in the exact same way, with Jimmy on the ground knocked unconscious. It’s possible they’ll do the same thing and have him be OK in the end again.

At the end of Episode 3, Jimmy was in a major accident while competing in the rodeo. Fans were thinking that he might have even died. Poor Jimmy didn’t even last a minute on his horse. Maybe he was distracted by Mia and didn’t quite have his full attention on the competition. Maybe it was just bad luck.

Remember how we saw him at the end of Episode 3?

ParamountEpisode 3

It was very similar to how we left him in Episode 10. He was clearly unconscious and he was clearly not moving. The only difference is there were people to help him right away in Episode 3, and in Episode 10 he’s all alone.

Jimmy’s fate is unknown as Season 3 ends. Unfortunately, out of all the cliffhangers we were left with, I’d say that Jimmy is the one who is the most in danger of not surviving to the new season.

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