Addison Renee Duggar: Photos of Joseph & Kendra’s Baby Girl Today

Kendra Duggar Daughter

Instagram via Kendra Duggar Kendra Duggar gave birth to her daughter Addison Renee in November 2019.

On August 4’s episode of Counting On on TLC, fans will finally get to see Joseph Duggar’s wife Kendra Campbell give birth to their baby girl, Addison Renee.

The official synopsis for August 4’s episode, entitled “A Baby Girl for Joe & Kendra,” teases, “Jeremy takes a skateboarding lesson with ex-pro skateboarder Brian Sumner. Will he learn to shred or play it safe? Later, Kendra goes into labour. As contractions intensify quickly, her birth team worries that her doctor might not arrive in time.”

Addison just turned 9 months old – and she’s super cute! Here’s what she looks like now, and the latest news for Joseph and Kendra’s family of 4:

Addison Resembles Her Older Brother Garrett

Kendra’s most recent Instagram posts, featuring sweet photos of her family, show that baby Addison shares a striking resemblance to her older brother Garrett, who turned two in June. In a photo series Kendra shared on Monday, Addison and Garrett sit side-by-side smiling, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes and similar noses and cheeks. In the comments, fans remarked on how much they think Garrett looks like Joseph and Addison looks like Kendra.

When Addison turned 7 months old, Kendra posted a photo of her smiling baby girl showing off her “two teeth” and her ability to sit up on her own.

Kendra has made it a habit to share new photos of Addison with each month she gets older. When she turned 3 months old, Kendra remarked, “This sweet girl lights up our world.”

If social media is any indication, Addison and her older brother Garrett have a sweet, loving relationship. When Garrett turned 2 in June, Kendra reflected, “You are such a fun happy little guy! You surprise us with all you can say and do. You love to be outside and have the best belly laugh. We love you like crazy.”

Kendra Gave Birth to Addison in November 2019

While Addison’s birth is a major part of the current season of Counting On, Kendra actually delivered Addison months before the season started airing, in November 2019.

Kendra announced her daughter’s birth on Instagram with a photo of the infant. In the caption, she wrote, “Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her! She made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts. We know Garrett is going to be a great big brother. Children are each a special gift from God and we are so happy our newest blessing is here.”

Ahead of the Counting On episode featuring Addison’s birth, Us Weekly got an exclusive clip of the episode. In the clip, Duggar reflects on her challenging labor, saying, “I was in so much pain, I was laying down and I just didn’t think that while I was laying down it would break. I’ve never had that experience before, and it was a lot of pain at that moment.”

New episodes of Counting On air on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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