Did Kayce Live or Die on the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale Tonight?

Paramount Kayce on Yellowstone

Did Kayce Dutton live or die on Yellowstone‘s Season 3 finale tonight? That’s a question that is on the top of fans’ minds as Season 3 Episode 10 comes to an end. We were left with a lot of unanswered questions. Here’s a look at what we know so far, and how you can find out more as quickly as possible.

This article has major spoilers for the Yellowstone Season 3 finale. 

It Looks Like Kayce Will Likely Survive

While the fates of characters like Jimmy and Beth seem more at risk after the way the Season 3 finale ended, Kayce seems like he has a much better chance at survival.

He was in the Montana Land Commission office, on the phone with Monica, after just being asked to run for governor. While they talked, he suddenly heard shots firing outside his office. He reacted fast — impressively fast. Without waiting or hesitating, he flipped over his heavy desk and got down behind it, ready for what was about to happen.

Seconds later, we saw a man burst into his office, firing his gun.


I think it’s safe to say that Kayce is always armed, so he’s definitely going to be ready for this showdown. He’s at a strategic position behind the desk, and unless 10 other men come in behind this one, he’s in a good position to defend himself.

Although we aren’t given any clue as to whether Kayce lives or dies, I think the odds are heavily in his favor. He’s a good shot, he’s survived tough scrapes before, and he’s going to survive this one. Plus, Monica knows something is wrong so she can call right away for help.

Sure, it would be interesting to have Kayce killed off. We’d still have Beth and Jamie vying for power (if Beth survives), and Monica would likely have to step up and run for governor in Kayce’s place. John (if he survives) would have to step up in the role of Tate’s unofficial father. That would provide for some interesting plot development. But given where they left things on the show, Kayce was in a good position for surviving the attack. Beth is in a much more questionable position, and I think she’d be more likey to not survive than Kayce.

Watch Instagram for Clues in the Coming Weeks

If you can’t wait to find out what happened to Kayce, then try keeping an eye on certain Instagram accounts for behind-the-scenes photos of the filming for Season 4.

Season 4 started filming just a few days before the Season 3 finale aired on August 23. You’ll get some good hints about who’s still alive if you watch those Instagram accounts closely. First, try to watch all the major actors’ Instagram accounts in the coming weeks to see if they say anything about filming. You’ll also want to keep an eye on these accounts, too.

Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd on Yellowstone, has already been posting updates on Season 4 filming, revealing that his character is returning to the show. As one of the early Season 4 posters, his account is a good one to follow.

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Me and Cisco ready for war

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Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate on Yellowstone, is also already sharing some photos from Season 4 filming on his Instagram account.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for Christina Alexandra Voros’ Instagram account, where she occasionally shares behind-the-scenes pictures. She’s a director of photography for Yellowstone. 

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Back in the saddle….

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Chief Joseph Ranch, where much of the filming for Season 4 is taking place in Montana, is also sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes photos, so watch their Instagram account closely.

And keep an eye out for all the Instagram posts tagged as being from Chief Joseph Ranch. Watch for the most recent photos to keep tabs on what’s happening.

As for Kayce, his role is played by Luke Grimes. But Grimes, unfortunately, doesn’t have any major social media accounts himself, according to his fans. So the best bet is to follow his fan sites for the latest information about Grimes’ fate. A Grimes fan site on Instagram is here. Another is here.

His fans have a Twitter site here.

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